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You can ask your question, propose something or make request here. Welcome.
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Its impossible.


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do you watch porn and masturbate to it?

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Will there be a new homepage for this site? I'm not a big fan of simply using the news page (though the css does make it look nicer).


Of course there be some new.
Who cares.

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You made a /sp/ board. Can we have a /jp/ board too?
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But the current boards are already used for Japanese content.


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Why not just /a/? Or /jap/ which combines both /a/ and /jp/ :^)



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You made a chan based on a mental disorder?
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I liek this post.


Zero ambition.


Better then being a horsefucker.

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Заебали форсом по мелкобордам


Не мы такие, жизнь такая.

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Что за хуйня тут происходит? Есть тут вообще кто-нибудь?


Допустим есть.

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dubs….(still depressed)…


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>didn't even get dubs

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may I propose this

no need to change the url, just thinking that using cyrillic in the top bar for board /b/ (/б/) makes the language of that board clear in a neater manner


Nice idea.

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What does it all mean?


I don't know.


There is no answer, only sadness.



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