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This is the guy you should remember: the German politican Heiko Maas (SPD) who was the first to force social media platforms to delete what he declares as being hate speech. Among that is the right to criticize certain religions, certain political leanings and certain cultures. He will be remembered as the one who set a precedent that will spread all over the western world. However, most people in here give a shit now since they're to young to even grasp the issue of free speech. Right?


>implying (((social media companies))) wouldn't have begun this trend by themselves
>implying the push for safe spaces isn't the logical consequence of the zeitgest and thus part of a wide and subtle push from a number of sectors, such as academia and the media
>implying we're not all about to become Zuccerberg's slaves

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I'll turn up calendar and it's again September the 3rd.
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The third of September

It's not that, it's not so,
You are my friend, I am your enemy,
How can this be so with you.
Was April, and in love
We swore, but, alas,
Flying yellow leaf
On the boulevards of Moscow.

The third of September, the day of parting,
The day when the fire of the mountain ash,
How bonfires burn promises
The day I'm all alone.

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Literally who?


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Your mother best friend.

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Do normies have souls?

I'm not religious or anything, but here is the way I see things. A soul is something metaphysical which allows to affect the body. In contrast, normies may only have a point of view without the ability to affect the body, given how predictable they are. In other words, a soul is like an input AND output device for the point of view. If normies lack a soul, then their bodies provide output for their point of view, but the POV can not give any input to the body. And so, a normie's behaviour is statistically predictable, but that's not necessarily true for a person with a soul.

I'm not saying normies are philosophical zombies. Their points of view perceive the world same as we do. But they are no different from the rest of animals in the way that they are essentially meat machines.


Of course they do.

Even the lowest IQ bydlo can take high-stakes moral choices based on his accumulated point of view. The fact that his choice is statistically predictable is merely the result of normalfags having similar sources for their points of view .


>implying animols don't have soles


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>>Do normies have souls?
They died already.

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The Gulag will be filled with more political prisoners … Thats what Gulags are all about after all. Google it… James Damore


File: 1504380450421.png (3.01 MB, 9600x5400, gulag_improved2_75.png) Google iqdb

James Damore rules! Despite the Feminist Feminism agenda and Google…


File: 1504380483563.png (3.01 MB, 9600x5400, gulag_improved3_75.png) Google iqdb



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File: 1504380514821-1.png (2.93 MB, 9600x5400, gulag_improved4_75.png) Google iqdb


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Some sad stuff.
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how feminine is your benis

File: 1504228882002.jpg (20.64 KB, 242x359, Henry Darger.jpg) Exif Google iqdb


Was he /ourguy/?

File: 1504018767690.png (370.23 KB, 8533x4800, james damore 56.png) Google iqdb


so what do you guys think will change since James Damore revealed the feminist gender agenda at Google - which got him fired?


I have no idea what you're talking about
links maybeeeee?


Looks like it's been a while since you last checked the news.
Damore was a Jewgle employee who wrote an internal memo about """"diversity"""" in the workplace and how it's unreasonable to expect men and women to always have equal representation in every single job given the mountains of scientific evidence that proves an observation as old as humanity itself -that man and woman are different.

Despite being as diplomatic and resourceful as he could possibly be, Damore's arguments were simply ignored and he was harshly criticized by all entities that hold formal cultural power is there a better term for this?, proving that dialogue is next to useless with the ruling ideological factions and their relentless march towards the abyss.

File: 1502913660711.png (614.66 KB, 959x713, 1498257130250-0.png) Google iqdb


What's up white """boy"""? Mad because the white girl wants to be with a real man instead of you?
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Korean for Korea is Goryŏ.

If the word "Aryan" is of Indo-European origin, the original word root must have been *h₂er-; /h₂/ is usually reconstructed as [ħ] or [χ]. If it was a Semitic loanword into Indo-Iranian (related to Arabic ħurr), there is also a /ħ/ there. In any case, Indo-European ablaut means the same root could also have an /o/ there (different prefixes and suffixes can trigger vowel change), while Semitic freely exchanges vowels when declining words.

It is possible that Korean later voiced that sound from [χ] or [ħ] into [ʁ] or [ʕ] word-initially, followed by fortition into [ɢ] (those gutturals are generally hard to pronounce so that's expected), followed by merger into [g] (again because [ɢ] is still a pretty tough sound). Korean would then aspirate voiceless stops and make voiced ones voiceless. Interestingly Korean also has a third, tense series of stops, as do reconstructed Proto-Indo-European (breathy voiced) and Semitic (emphatics).

Original Korean would therefore be: /ħorjə/, which then developed into /korjʌ/ in Korea, and into /a:rya/ in India.

tl;dr: Korean = Aryan.


>and into /a:rya/ in India.
fug, of course I mean /a:rja/.


I was thinking about how their supposed shit-eating habits had an Aryan root, but that's a nice perspective too.

File: 1504018367023.png (329.76 KB, 8533x4800, james damore 54.png) Google iqdb


so what do you guys think will change since James Damore revealed the feminist gender agenda at Google - which got him fired?

File: 1503778500770.jpg (1.63 MB, 3643x5707, laberfalten_small.jpg) Exif Google iqdb


Was hält Ernst eigentlich von der Bundeswehr?

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