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Tourists are like insects that crawl all over beautiful buildings and make them ugly and they are loud and annoying and these buildings get ruined to accommodate for tourists, one church I went to in Europe had an elevator running through it, a gift shop and cafe in it and a car park around it. And they are traitors, they are taking money for their own economies and giving it to other countries. And they are terrible people themselves too, all they care about is drinking and parting and their social lives and posting pictures on social media to make them look better.
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I find it a awkward to go to places that don't get a lot of tourists. At least if you go to the popular destinations, the people there know how to deal with you. Going to other places feels like you're intruding on peoples lives in a way that they don't want.


So what's a good way to visit other places and learn about/experience their cultures without being disrespectful or disruptive to their way of life?

t. burger who is planning a trip to Puerto Rico


I've never left my home country and thus can't say anything from experience, but a few things are obvious:

>Read about your destination before leaving and ask for tips on international origami forums

>Be quiet and try not to draw any attention to yourself
>Be clean and leave places as you found them

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This place looks kinda comfy to be quite honest. Thanks for invitation.
Why is anon Saved? That's like the antithesis of a board with depression in its name.


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Welcome! This place's a bit dead since the mood is (as one would expect for a board with this name) weak and the Canadian shitposter that made most threads is now gone.

>Why is anon Saved?

It's a little glimmer of hope in this dreadful setting.


>Why is anon Saved?
Either it has to do with the theme of the board or the fact that BO is orthodox

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>Western world: Working hard to afford good house, decent car, etc.
>Russia, post-USSR: Working very hard, to eat 3 times a day.
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>Even if you get a high paying job you don't do much better, the government taxes heavily here.
Didn't Russia have a flat tax? In other words, a tax system where percentage does not rise in accordance with income like with progressive taxation. Or do they make up for it with heavy licensing fees?


bullshit, it's just a little bit better


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Hey, at least you've got Korwin.

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t. Greek
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they aren't incorrect though


All of greek people are gays?


Yes but it implies that real communism is impossible to implement

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Which country has the worst cuisine?
I say - British.
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Well Finnish cuisine IS pretty shitty TBH

>inb4 some other Finn comes in whining about the typical Finnish self-hating tendency


No it's not. Finnish food is good. Also do you know what is the best spice of food? hunger
Ruuan paras mauste on nälkä.


Probably somewhere like Tanzania, Bangladesh or the Aboriginals.

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Movies that disappoint you.


File: 1498955359853.jpg (28.67 KB, 299x443, Get_carter_imp.jpg) Exif Google iqdb



I've not really had a movie that I've unironically enjoyed in years. Last one was Black Swan.


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Some Ukrainian fag from KC ruined my day with that stupid shit without plot.

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Kots are NOT welcome


Dog Internet Defence Force pls go


Cats are cute but they don't belong in Europe as wildlife. They disrupt the entire ecosystem.


Stray cats are a problem pretty much everywhere. They wouldn't even be so numerous if people were responsible with their pets.

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Global warming does not exist and climate change is not caused by CO2, the temperature of the earth is changing of natural causes, either the poles are shifting or the currents changing. In 30 years or so somebody will discover this and get the noble prize, I however have discover it first so he would not deserve it I would. But then I would not accept such a worthless prize anyway, an award is worth as much as the people who receive it, Obama got one for doing nothing therefore the award is worth nothing but I still deserve it not the person who discovers this in the future.


Incorrect. Climate change is real and is caused by human activity, however not by CO₂ emissions, but by the fact that human activity has vastly affected vegetation cover, changing land albedo and moisture recovery, leading to changes in amount of heat retained and rain patterns.


This is possible as well.


Given that we're leaving an Ice Age, shouldn't a general trend towards warming be completely expected and unsurprising?


This is how i browse depreschan.



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What are some things that make you happy?I'll start.
>rain storms
>long walks
>old movies
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When an imageboard isn't infested with attention seeking weebs.
Such cases.


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but this is a weeb board



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