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What's the worst thing you've ever done in your life?

Do you still regret it?
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>I'm a bad influance.
Because of me, one of my friends has an anime figure collection and another uses GNU/Linux as his main OS.

At least I know I can influence people somewhat.


This is why I don't let anybody know about the weeb interests of mine, I don't want them gravitating towards it.


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I've done a lot of cringeworthy mitakes, but painful few great moral failures. The worst thing I'e ever done was probably refuing to iist my dad when he was temporarily sick so I could stay at home playing video games.
Really? I find it really difficult to influence normalfags at all.

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Who /kind/ here?
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i have always been a good boyo


>already banned


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What did you do?


Piano misic.
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This is breddy ebin


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Do you nerds like anime? I'm a huge weeaboo and watched over 1000 shows from different decades, some people call me Otaking, I'm also known as anime somelier in some boards.

I can recommend you anime, just tell me what do you want to see.
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I liked Project A-ko, Grave of the Fireflies and Castle in the Sky, so we've got something in common.

also bump


op, some romance anime with a mature caracters like FUNE WO AMU


Nodame Cantabile
Honey and Clover
Golden Time
Ai Yori Aoshi

These shows don't have the typical high school setting.

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>tfw no gf
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>The social media platfrom and chatting software they use, I totally dismissed it as nonsense, leaving me out of the group.
I have the same problem… my hostility to phone messaging apps and Facebook has deprived me of a lot of female contact, though it does have major advantages in other fields.




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kurva anyátok
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o kurva…


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oy gevalt!

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We made a radio channel. Now we are launching the first broadcast. The project will evolve if you like it. You can make music requests.
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File: 1495635032151.png (83.65 KB, 1920x1080, Slowpoke-hires.png) Google iqdb



We turn it off.


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Somebody keyed my car, I want to believe that I was just a random victim because I don't go outside besides of work, I feel so powerless right now…
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I can't relate to this because I'm not married but somehow I can understand that he needs to take it easy sometimes…

I wish I were Ryan Gosling.


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I find this human bean even more moving. It takes a real conviction to willingly go to your own death for your cause, no matter how despicable. In a way, I wish I had something to die for like he did. A real hero.

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You will never ever have anime sex.
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I get so caught up in this anonymity thing that I sometimes forget that what I say might be hurtful to the other person.




You found this on my yli thread, haven't you




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ヘ( ̄ω ̄ヘ)


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