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You may break my body but you will never break my NIPPON SPIRIT!!!!


File: 1491845624047.jpg (226.88 KB, 1180x927, nagasaki-atomic-bomb-1945.jpg) Exif Google iqdb



File: 1491851514809.jpg (22.46 KB, 460x468, 14816531.jpg) Exif Google iqdb

Well, shit.

File: 1491846942636.webm (9.63 MB, 480x360, japaneseswearwords.webm) Google iqdb




File: 1491848853890.webm (9.59 MB, 480x360, recycling.webm) Google iqdb

this nig nog goes through my recycling and makes a mess


I don't mean him I just mean some nig nog


File: 1491851354261.jpeg (19.43 KB, 360x235, c5d76adde6ab7aa1b4967e8b0….jpeg) Google iqdb

Laughed a long time.

File: 1491850631098.png (942 KB, 343x675, 170408bhxhtdfbfptu.png) Google iqdb


Can a self contradictory moral system be good?
Logic says no.
Common sense says yes.


Do you have something specific in mind?

File: 1491803919440.jpg (12.76 KB, 328x328, a3lONgQD1_480w_v1.jpg) Exif Google iqdb


Get out of here, stalker




Clarke is dead, this is terrible. How sad.

File: 1491776680009.png (12.42 KB, 344x353, 2.png) Google iqdb


I can't see my posts or anything beyond it in any thread I post in.


File: 1491779498202.png (368.17 KB, 704x416, snap_00027.png) Google iqdb

moshi moshi dare desu ka


install gentoo


Try to press F5.

File: 1491774705831.jpg (32.4 KB, 414x336, died after an months.jpg) Exif Google iqdb


The LORD giveth and the LORD taketh away

File: 1491755885353.jpg (225.15 KB, 530x615, samachan_2018.jpg) Exif Google iqdb




File: 1491756618390.png (245.2 KB, 689x800, b3a9b732e5861f17b15734b322….png) Google iqdb



That's cute.

File: 1491708805436-0.jpg (423.37 KB, 1120x1600, bkub_suddenstrength.jpg) Exif Google iqdb

File: 1491708805436-1.png (219.39 KB, 984x1400, bkub_01.png) Google iqdb

File: 1491708805436-2.png (372.08 KB, 980x1400, bkub_02.png) Google iqdb


Bkub's comics are so good

I'm gonna upload a collection of the best ones after I've gone through and typeset them all on my website
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File: 1491740594541-0.jpg (281.08 KB, 960x1200, bkub_healthy.jpg) Exif Google iqdb

File: 1491740594541-1.png (249.65 KB, 379x1063, bkub_rapee.png) Google iqdb

File: 1491740594541-2.png (307.34 KB, 418x1063, bkub_rape.png) Google iqdb



File: 1491744145335-0.jpg (342.02 KB, 960x1200, bkub_croquette.jpg) Exif Google iqdb

File: 1491744145335-1.png (424.71 KB, 425x1186, bkub_sambamaster.png) Google iqdb

File: 1491744145335-2.jpg (317.63 KB, 960x1200, bkub_victim.jpg) Exif Google iqdb

so good
so good


File: 1491746423119-0.jpg (267.17 KB, 640x1826, bkub_autographs.jpg) Exif Google iqdb

File: 1491746423119-1.jpg (220.75 KB, 390x1105, bkub_12.jpg) Exif Google iqdb

File: 1491746423120-2.png (130.89 KB, 300x902, bkub_bike.png) Google iqdb



Hello, /int/eresting people! You dont know me, but i need help. The fact is that I created my Anonym's imageboard. I need friends. Forgive me for the unexpected invasion. Now my board very small. The Internet is the only thing that makes me happy in this life. Life in my country is sad. Very sad. Angry people, dirty streets, high price and taxes - it's in the nature of things
. I just need friendship to make life better. I ask the admin not to delete it. If you agree to friendship, we can get links our sites in header/frameset/banners. I'll put the name under the spoiler so as not to disturb others. Sorry for my anglish. Maybe f-friends?
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Hello, good to see you!


File: 1491739805414.jpg (61.9 KB, 510x720, vlcsnap-2015-10-29-12h25m3….jpg) Exif Google iqdb



File: 1491740996358.png (121.36 KB, 1880x290, spam.png) Google iqdb

Lol, I found this on my /b/ today

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