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Peace. Work. May.


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meanwhile in Pindorama

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na chuj to żyje?


The kingdom of God…
the kingdom of Heaven.


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I'm living in HELL…


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Whats the meaning of life?
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Coke, Pizza and a Cake well thats healthy. Plus the speakers are ontop of each other instead of 60 degrees apart. Also there is some wired white mucus on the table even tho there are napkins right next to the chairthing.


This is none. So I can make my own!


As someone once said, meaning is only a property of voluntary, willful actions.
Being a natural process, life in itself can't have any inherent meaning.

Claiming that "mating" or "death" is life's meaning is also incorrect because it merely describes one of life's properties (often in a teleological way, which is fallacious).
See here why teleology is fallacious: https://www.quora.com/What-is-wrong-with-teleology
So life's properties can't have meaning just as the properties of water can't have meaning.

Meaning can only be ascribed to actions that reflect a will.
So the only way life can be ascribed meaning is through identification with a meaningful action.
Ιn fact, realizing that you "act" by merely perpetuating your existence is enough to ascribe life meaning. A pretty tame one, but meaning still.

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You ketogenic bro?


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kaksoispiste de de de

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WTF, I thought mexico was a narco hell shithole.
Why does it have more tourists than uk, and germany then?


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Because Sandniggers are more annoying then Illegals. Plus its cheap and the weather is good.


It has meme beaches

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does it buzz anyone else out the actual advanced manufacturing abilities mankind now possesses? it's like sci-fi almost
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call me when we can manufacture waifus


This, pretty much


I'm sure the Japanese are working on it at this very moment.

And five years later the chinks will be mass-producing low quality bootleg waifus.

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sup /int/
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Go back to brchan.


People can go to brchan. But you can't remove brcan from your soul.


The shorter it is, the more time you have for wörk. Chinese are such workhorses that they don't even have time nor interest to make manhua anime.
They often have 1 to no seeder. I wonder if you could get into legal trouble when torrenting that because it really is so unheard of that you would need to go out your way to do something real bad to even get noticed.


What do young people do in your country?
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You should've seen the British decadence threads on 76chan, or that (now gone, never trust a Celt) English decadence thread on 8/int/


Watching animei, loving waifus.


1/3 Is studying useless shit and dreams about Niggerdicks in their mouth.

1/3 Is working all day and is fed up that 50% of their earned money is invested in Niggerdicks.

1/3 Is praising Allah drinking Alcohol and fucking their 9 year old cousins.

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2200 get




File: 1493407639258.jpg (585.2 KB, 800x600, congrats.jpg) Exif Google iqdb

/(^ × ^)\

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