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So I read my antidepressants patient information leaflet and it says that you should tell a friend or relative when you have suicidal thoughts.
Since I don't have any friends or relative I am telling you: I have suicidal thoughts.


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I have them everyday, I thought it was normal.


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Will this help?


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second part


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We are all here like you, comrade.



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Music and exercise, get off antidepressants. Do antidepressants do anything good?


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>Do antidepressants do anything good?
They block feelings.


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reminder that humor is a good way to lighten the burden of sadness


I think it is tbh


Good, you deserve to be miserable for posting that stupid meme.


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You want eternal peace? Its just one step away. But you can´t have it, because you`re a coward.


Stop taking antidepressants.

>you should tell a friend about suicidal thoughts

Bullshit, they'll just call an ambulance and they'll pump you full of drugs and strap you to a table for hours or days on end.


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Man, does that painting looks awesome


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Antidepressants give ya permanent like brain damage

You'd be better off taking psychedelics and reading philosophy books

If ya can handle it

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