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What other imageboards do you browse?
I browse /meta/, 4taba and 4chan


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>browsing 4chan


Ylilauta and Ponilauta.fi, the latter being a vestige of my ponyfag days now bygone


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well i stopped browsing it now that /qa/ got frozen


4chan /m/ for mech discussion.
4chan /h/ for doujin contribution and translation.
I also post in various /jp/ spin-off boards, I even own a board for shitposting.



I find himasugi unpalatable.


Your board died though.


All boards are doomed to die one day.


It's still better then 4chan but it's getting there.


They are all the same


what happened to /qa/ ?
Is it officially dead?


Do you browse polish imageboards? Are there any?


You can't post there, the "performing site maintenance" error appears. Still no word about it from the mods.
Nope, they're just not in my taste.
The biggest and the most famous ones are probably


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This is bad, fucking /mlpol/
so poland made this software. Interesting
Have you ever visited wilchan.org?
I heard it is >polish weeaboo chan
Is it similar to /jp/ spin-offs?


I have
stopped going to it when I realised the prerequisite to post is not goig outsid and being a virgin


otherwise, 76chan, 8/mu/, /kc/ (formerly on 8chan now on endchan), freech, recently ernstchan, occasionally /pol/ on 4chan and various /int/s all over the place


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76chan has just died
> Our VPS hosting 76chan has decided to delete all of our data without any notification, This includes backups as well. I've tried contacting them and they say a failure in one of their data centers caused this problem and they are not liable for any lost data. I'm sorry this happened, I really tried to make this site a community but maybe it wasn't meant to be me doing it. I've fucked up too many times and it's best that you bunker on a stable site like 8ch or endchan. I'm sorry and I wish I could end this night on a good note.


so it is like polish wizchan then. However, one can be weeaboo and hikki/virgin simultaneously.


File: 1492207524266.webm (3.31 MB, 853x480, yui_dies.webm) Google iqdb

>they are not liable for any lost data.

That's a pretty shitty deal


76chan is down…

By the way, u liek cricket?






various jaypees and affiliates
8/a/ to see what gook cartoons are good
twitter - the anime one, the troll one and the hitler one (mostly the same people in each of those tbh)


So the other Australian was still around on the spinoffs, I thought you left but I also thought I saw an Australian on O.


i don't lik criket
i lov it


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File: 1492288557183.gif (1.75 MB, 308x512, disappointed munkey.gif) Google iqdb

good nombr


File: 1492290968437.png (8.15 KB, 384x239, Great.png) Google iqdb


i hat paki

India stronk, nombr #1 aryen power


76chan (R.I.P)
ernstchan (sometimes)
End/kc/ (sometimes)
And regular lurking on 8gag boards like /his/, /monarchy/ and /liberty/


4chan's /mlp/ (and /qa/, but it's frozen), Wizardchan and I kinda still browse 55chan, a brazilian imageboard, but it's absolutely horrid over there.


File: 1492324384374.png (122.63 KB, 380x316, 1447539178085.png) Google iqdb

>/mlp/ and /qa/


I used to post on sfc_han's /jp/ but some of them write using weird BR terms and I can't understand because I'm not a native portuguese speaker.


Only sweet depreschan.


Endchan/kc/ represents.


Yes, we have our own chanspeak.


…and it's an awful, apish imitation of Anglophone imageboard lingo.


File: 1492475663931.png (271.35 KB, 437x575, 1470354642578.png) Google iqdb

It's a shame, the board is still great, organized and the userbase is chill with almost no ERP. One thread per anime airing is a great idea, I wish other /jp/ were that cool.


finalchan and desuchan mostly.


Pretty much only depreschan atm. 4chan and 8ch both suck, but i guess everything kindof sucks.


76chan expat ready for duty


You want me to kill myself don't you


File: 1492869436604.jpg (61.75 KB, 395x313, 1487125468450.jpg) Exif Google iqdb

/qa/ is back


File: 1492899124797.jpg (150.75 KB, 640x640, C-Cqc6ZXkAE-BwN.jpg) Exif Google iqdb

8,kraut,circleboard,end,wiz,99, and a couple of 5 person boards. Work, exercise, and chans are my life.


does posting even work on 99chan or are most of the boards locked?


I thought wizards just stayed at home playing video games


Depreschan is top rated ib.


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