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I think if I ever get tinnitus I'm going to end it all


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I would target people with loud cars (it's their fault)

I'd hang around nightclubs and when they pull up I'd follow them around and play irl Hitman


>I would target people with loud cars (it's their fault)
I know your feel, sometimes niggers blast their "music" at full volume at the back of their cars while driving around at the late hours of the night. And not just in the metropolis, but in small towns too.


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if you stab someone in each lung will they suffocate?

Hunters aim for double lung shots with bullets and arrows so the animal collapses immediately


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>A complication of a collapsed lung from a penetrating injury is a tension pneumothorax. This is a life-threatening emergency because the chest keeps filling with air, which is pushing on the lung, and the air has no way to escape. The hole created by the knife or bullet can act as a one-way valve, letting air into the chest, but not letting any air escape. With each breath more air collects in the chest. The air can completely collapse the lung and then put pressure on the heart. Then the heart cannot pump normally.

sounds good


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wait a minute wouldn't two holes allow you to breath normally?

ahhhgh this still doesn't answer my question. I bet someone in MI6 or the Navy SEALS know this


I guess so but it's not the ideal method most knife assassination techniques will go for the heart or kidney, sometimes even the temple.

You also are encouraged to leave the knife in the victim, stabbing both lungs would involve taking it out and that would spray blood all over you.


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Here it says that you would need a hole at least equal in diameter to the trachea to totally collapse a lung and indeed two holes one on each side would do double the damage.

and here it says that TENSION pneumothorax is caused by an hole in the chest wall with UNSEALED LUNG DAMAGE will lead to immediate shock

Soooooo cutting the lung and chest largely or roughly enough will do it and since there's no info anywhere on treating bilateral tension-pneumothorax I think it's safe to assume that that's rapidly lethal.

Knowledge is power! Yeah!


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but what about all those cases of people getting impaled with things and having to have the things left in until they're in the operating room so that they don't die

you sure that's a good idea? wear gloves and dodge the spray yo


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If you go for places like the heart, Temple and kidney they will cause pretty much instant death. If you go for the suprasternal notch(you can thrust downwards into it and cause damage to the vessels near the heart) you will need to wriggle the knife from side to side to cause more damage but still leave it in.

Even if you have gloves you don't want to get blood on them, blood is evidence. If you use the right technique it will be fast and you will be walking casually away with no murder weapon to get rid of or blood on you. You should be wearing gloves anyway though.


Also even if you were careful when taking the knife out blood would splatter and end up on your sleeves and other places too. Gloves may be okay but sleeves not so much.


Ohh and another thing I should add is the weapon. Something like a stick or a pole impaling somebody will cause less damage than a knife. A double edged knife will cut things up along both sides, this is what you want to use.


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If I stabbed you in the lungs, would you die?


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With any luck.


You're a sad guy.

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