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Does depreschan like manga?


Sort off, I only really read the official Touhou stuff and Girls und Panzer.


There's official Touhou stuff?


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Yeah, I love manga.

I'm currently reading Bakuon!, Witch Craft Works, Masamune Kun's Revenge, Shokugeki No Souma, Mob Phycho 100 and Ore Monogatari!

I used to read shoujo manga as well but I think I read everything worth reading.


>Mob Psycho 100
I liked most of it, but that last chapter was just stupid


Like, Mob literally getting hit by a truck was really stupid


There are lots of chapters that managed to troll me, it's not predictive and that's why I like the manga.


Yes, http://www.moriyashrine.org/official-print-works.html They are nice or at least I think so.


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>They tend to be omnivores who prefer to eat meat, especially human meat.
So the sadistic honk girl meme is real…


Go to /jp/, bydlo.

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