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1. your country
2. how cheap are housemaids in your country


1. Honduras
2. Cheap as HELL but most people avoid having maids because they steal your stuff.


>Cheap as HELL
They used to be like this until tighter labor legislation was implemented, so now middle class families who used to hire one often seek another arrangement like having her for only a couple days a week.

>because they steal your stuff.

Is it really that bad over there? Maids here are unsophisticated and come from the bydlo classes, but usually they have a friendly relationship with the family.


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When I was like 18 years old my dad gave me his good old Toyota Corolla 98, one day my dad and me went to another city to visit some relatives and our maid was at home during the trip, when we came back the door was already open, my car was missing, TVs, stereo, DVD players, etc, ironically she tried to sell one of our electronics to another guy in the neighborhood and he told us about it, we managed to retrieve some things but my car was sold in Guatemala…


The maid in my first home was an integral part of the extended family; she nurtured me and my brother since our earliest days, her son was my best friend, I often spent time in her home and her husband was a close friend of my family.

>but my car was sold in Guatemala…

So Guatemala is stolen car heaven like Bolivia?


Yeah, I live near the board between Honduras and Guatemala, it's called Corinto and is well known for letting cars pass without any kind of check, it's a drug route from Colombia to Mexico.


2.For 1$ you can buy three or five. Forever, without monthly fee.




1. Czechia
2. there are none (yet)


1. Finland
2. What the fuck is a housemaid?

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