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Aussiebro's mentioned he'd like it, so I thought I'd make this right away.

ITT we post about ancient sites and the bygone Internet. I'll start with this one:

A 19-year-old game fansite (see the founder's page at https://www.massassi.com/ does anyone know how to check a site's age? I want to know if it's as old as itself) that's remained alive and kicking to this very day, as its forums will attest.

While a fan of the entire Dark Forces series, I sadly only discovered that site many years after its heyday, but I still enjoyed its large library of maps, some awful, others as fun as the base game (Legacy of Yun, Derra IV, Liberating Cloud City); in fact, I still have JK and MotS installed, though the difficulties of running them on newer systems mean that, after a few changes, JK isn't working and MotS' music doesn't play.

I'd like to draw your attention to this specific map:
<uploaded late 2000(!)
<warning about "slower computers"
<linking to the author's personal site, which by now is long gone, aswell as his e-mail which most likely's gone too


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