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only oldfags remember 30chan


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I know nothing about it, tell me more.






Rip in piss. May God be merciful on your porn watching habbits 30chans admin.


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Was he the guy who burned all of his cash on porn and thus inspired the Depreschan VN, or am I mistaking him for someone else?


Probably. From what I talked with him, he burned all his money on porn and by forgetting his loging credials. So he created a new account and bought shit on it and then forgetting its loging credials to the point where he couldn't afford to pay the bills on domain and or hosting company anymore thus killing the site.




Why would you spent money on porn?


That's one of our world's greatest mysteries. Why would a man pay for porn when there's several orders of magnitude more of free porn available to him at any time?


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Hey boyos. I found depreschan through you guys shitposting on the old 30chan before we got shut down but now we're back up so we'd appreciate it if you came on down!


ok retard


Kezwi still won't give me admin privileges :(




This thread is still a thing!!11!!!1!
anyways our new domain is 30ch.org come check us outtttt!

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