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>hmm, that's creative
>is it because you use acid?

>you're such a peaceful person, anon!

>is it because you smoke weed?


well, is it?


I've never done any drug.

People typically have a limited set of references and an imagination too limited to think beyond it. Combine this with average to high levels of degeneracy and you get people who immediately associate creativity with LSD (projecting their own limited mind onto others), calmness with the herbal Jew and so on.


maybe if you did drugs you'll become some messianic guru figure who achieves world peace through your music or whatever it is you do


that was meant to be spoiler my bad


Drugs only make you stupid this would never work, we pretty much already have world peace anyway.


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You can already become a messianic guru figure and many other fantastic things without any drugs at all, as the human brain is a powerful tool. If anything, using drugs to "improve" yourself only confirms that you have a weak mind.

pic mostly unrelated.


true, food makes u stupid, refuse it


Well if you wrote a King Crimson song or something of the sort, it's understandable. There comes a point when you can't trip without actually tripping.


>King Crimson
really overrated
the kind of guys who carried those records back in the day were all pretentious twats too


Drugs are for losers.


Like everything else in life, it is a test. You can make yourself stronger and weaker depending.

For me it teaches me I am the only one controlling my emotions


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If you live in post-soviet or shit tier contry, it is very hard. Because life is suffering, depression and procrastination.


Drugs makes you stronger? Give me some of that shit, dude.

Deep words, my slavo friendo.

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