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File: 1511858741349.png (10.07 KB, 799x92, castration increases lifes….png) Google iqdb


What do you guys think about this fact?


better than us


you got that right


eunuchs can't get prostate or testicular cancer so their lifespan is naturally longer


to be honest i think it also has to do with no testosterone equating to less risky behavior

a lot of men die doing really stupid/bold shit

on top of that there are other health complications iirc, but i can't recall what they are exactly


Maybe it's related to the West's currently very high life expectancies.


This makes sense, women have longer life expectancy as well


Earth is flat.


[citation needed]


Nice try, but no.


70 years is enough tbh, I'd rather cut my balls than live a decade longer


time to cut my balls off


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File: 1513732730924.png (52.68 KB, 253x200, Blank _5ca9616d74d00991280….png) Google iqdb

On the other hand who would like to live over the age of 70.


>a lot of men die doing really stupid/bold shit
Boy that's for sure. I almost died several times over stupid shit


>Cut off your dick
>Live long enough to see what horrors await you in the year 2100
I'd rather die young with my dick tbh

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