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How german anons feel about refugees who take their gfs?


g*rmans """"men"""" are all either fags, dogfuckers or cucks so probably happy


Germany stopped existing in 1945. But then this happens all over the world. I was at a wedding for a black woman and a white man the other day and there were numerous other white man black woman couples there.


>black woman and a white man
As long as there are enough whites, that's actually a perfect solution to the minority problem.


File: 1513744596465.jpg (26.56 KB, 377x354, 7402380-1-green.jpg) Exif Google iqdb

That is not their gf. Not anymore. Choonowatamean))


No it's not, it still makes more blacks.


It makes mulattos. Then you cross the mulatto generation with more whites to get quadroons and repeat until you have a sufficiently bleached generation.

For reference, this was one of the reasons for the near disappearence of Afro-Argentines.


It will never fully work so you will have whites with ugly whites still.


ye more often than not the uglier features turn out to be dominant, so this wouldn't even work to dilute the ugly features typical to whites much


that is very true

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