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How has your experience on imageboards been (not this one but all the imageboards you have used)?

Lately I've been thinking about it, and nearly all of my interactions on them have been useless, not counting this board of course :). I think I continue to use them to supplement my absence of friends and a social life. Is this the case for others?


I'm sorry to hear that your interaction with them have been useless besides using them to fill the void of friends and a social life. Are you sure you don't have any friends, even old ones you knew from highschool hanging around? You'd be surprised at how easy it is to rekindle a friendship even if you've drifted away over the years.

My experience goes beyond words for me. However my perspective on it all is strange, so sit back and peel away that part of your mind that's telling you what to expect and just read…

I have witnessed the manifestation of a seed of light planted within such a toxic mind it should not be able to grow, but grow it did and into a fine strong tree it has grown. Upon realising that not one branch is the tree and not one singular root or leaf is responsible for giving all of the tree its nutrients one realises a great many thing (you are the branch, the root, the leaf… So ask yourself, what is the tree? Where was this seed planted? Who/What planted it? How does it grow?), even in your loneliest moments you do not stand alone.

Imageboards made me confront myself, imageboards made me angry and pissed off at myself, the world, they put this energy and this emotion I was hiding and afraid of right into my hands. Strong and true this anger is. Then I asked myself, where is this anger coming from and why do I feel it? Why does it seem like not only I, but people very much like myself all over the world are pushing away this anger? This anger, this rage, this true force of pure will could guide us any-fucking-where we want, should we only will ourselves in that direction. The destination will not be what we expect it to be but flung into creation we will.

You feel it, don't you?


What a great response, thank you!
I'm not exaggerating about my absence of friends. I just can't seem to get out of the house; weeks and sometimes months go by inbetween each time I go outside. I had some friends in highschool, but before I went back for my final year I switched to online school because of a bad experience. Since then I haven't had any friendships and no one from highschool ever reached out to ask why I left.
That's a nice metaphor, but I don't share the same sentiments as you. Often, in my experience, the same events can trigger either anger or sadness. I think that I'm inclined to the former.


Ah fuck those pooftas anyway. So by the sounds of it you went through the rest of your education online, onya for finding the drive within yourself to actually accomplish that my dude.
That sounds like a long time inside, anon. Are you making sure your body gets the nutrients it needs? I've been inside for months at end and have friends who have spent years inside and having your body slowly rot before your eyes is a tragedy no man should face. You can get supplements for vitamins (Vit D is essential coz you get that from the sun) that come in these bottles that have like a hundred tablets in them so they can last you around 3 months and that's 3 months you won't have to worry about it. Are you exercising? I know it's super fucking hard to drum up the motivation to do it but you know that anger or sadness these events can trigger within yourself? It helps deal with that, you think clearer and your body is releasing endorphins that heal help boost your immune system that helps regulate your mood better.
I'm not gonna lie, it won't be easy. But it strongly reminds me of this poem
>BO, where's embeds bud?

Can you tell me more about what you've been doing since highschool, or if you're comfortable enough (you're anon afterall, and we're all one big fucked up lonely family and I'm an open ear for you) could you tell us about that bad experience that made you switch to online school?
Keep ya chin up cobba, love and suppport from ausbro.



My main imageboards over the years were 4chan, 7chan, KC, and 8chan.
7chan died and now only like 5 people post there, moot utterly wrecked 4chan before selling out to faggots, and 8chan killed itself during the 2016 US election by openly inviting redditors into their ranks. KC was autistic as shit and the mods were probably some of the worst I have ever seen.
It was all worth it though, the good times were very fun and I will always have those memories. I also learned a few things that nobody IRL would ever bother talking about with me, so it wasn't entirely useless either.
Nowadays I just sort of float around dozens of smaller imageboards.


Like many things, i've begun to hate them.

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