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i've gathered intelligence of this forum and I seek further data on the following subjects:
1. Is this a police honeypot, if so, russian, american, german or french?
2. depreschan: why?
3. do i have a reason to stay?
4. where from is the majority of users?
5. why is every board filled to the brim with porn nowadays? are not porn sites enough anymore?
6. what kind of weather are you having where you are? (cloudy, occasional rain here)
7. do you have hopes and dreams? (i hope to get a engineering decree)
8. what kind of music you listen to? (mainly metal, rock, jazz, blues, techno, swing, classical)
9. what do you think my agenda is?

10. Are you okay?

Thank you for answering this survey, I hope you have a nice day.
I'll be back in the evening.


File: 1558131604848.jpg (52.25 KB, 624x358, duckamn.jpg)

1. I dunno
2. durr why do you think. Were depressed, you shit.
3. That's not our job. You stay if you want to, squiadanon
4. Mostly Russia by the looks of it
5. No. Obviously not. What a dumb question. There's never enough porn. There has to be porn about everything, and we haven't achieved that yet.
6. Sun. Glaring sun.
7. I hope that I make it in art. In any way possible. ANY.
8. I listen to anything that gets my feet bouncing. I've been getting into prog rock recently.
9. You wake up at 9 and you go to sleep whenever you turn off your phone :^)
10. No.


File: 1559771958671.gif (482.96 KB, 900x675, 038eb987f88ff92a37ec24e407….gif)

1-4: Dunno, just got here
5: Dunno, it's annoying tho
6: Hot
7: I used to. Most of them died, but I still have hope for a better tomorrow.
8: All varieties of heavy metals, hippy rock, classical (especially baroque)
9: Probably to impregnate anime girl, a noble cause but arguably impractical.
10: Today I am, what about you?


1. Kys.
2. Kys.
3. Kys.
4. Kys.
5. Kys.
6. Kys.
7. Kys.
8. Kys.
10. Kys.


1. you're not allowed to ask this question
2. 30ch.org
3. you make your own reason
4. they killed themselves
5. he doesn't know about the JIDF operation to flood chans with porn, diluting board culture.
6. yes?
7. Yes. I do now. I write and perform music and poetry. It fills me with purpose.
8. anything that isn't pop
9. I don't think, I know.

10. Daily self improvement, not yes not no.

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