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How are you all doing today?


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Very sad and depres
It's saturday evening and I'm home downloading futanari and generic anime pics
One day I shall reorder my pc

How about you, ameribro


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I was dragged out to bars and clubs and felt very awkward and out of place.

I found it rather distressing and very much regret letting it happen.


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It's mildly cold and raining heavily. I'd say comfy/10


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Goodnight depreschan
You are best chan, for us depres




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I'm fine.


>How about you
Not too good.


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I got yelled at today in public for no reason.


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My parents went to a day trip to some island off the coast while I stayed home (don't live here, just staying for the summer). I posted on an imageboard all day, pretending that a shipgirl was my girlfriend… time well spent?

pic not related, actually


You deserved it tbh.

t. knower


>I posted on an imageboard all day, pretending that a shipgirl was my girlfriend… time well spent?
Well, there are probably better ways to indulge your time on a computer.


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You're not helping at all, Germany.


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Probably fine. Being watching anime and doing computer stuff. Finally got sound working on one of my laptops, so I can play vns and eroges on it. I hope Pentium M is enough to run those.


I'm actually doing alright for once. Went on a very nice walk


The weather has been exhilaratingly enjoyable in the past days; cold nights are balanced by sunny days moderated by wind, clouds and the fact that even at my tropical latitude, winter can still be noticed, to the point that, even by noon, sunlight still gives off comfortable warmth rather than the nuisance it is for most of the year.


sad and depres, but feeling like i'm trash

just like my whole life basically

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