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It's this a chan for depressed people? Can I stay and have fun if I'm not depressed at all? What about you? What are the things that make you feeling sad right now? Why are you depressed?


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>It's this a chan for depressed people?
Yes, here we will help.
>Can I stay and have fun if I'm not depressed at all?
Of course.
>What about you?
I'm depressed.
> What are the things that make you feeling sad right now?
Endless winter.
>Why are you depressed?
In my country it's in the nature of things.


Winter is nice, much better than our summer.


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>Winter is nice
That's a bad joke.


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I've not been in snow before so I may be wrong but it feels like it would be nicer, you can keep warm and cozy and if you do go out side you can wear all the cloths you need and doing physical things would make you warmer and you could come home to a warm drink and food and sit by the fire. In our summer you can barely go out side at all on a hot day and you would faint if you did too much and there is nothing you can wear to make you feel cooler and you will get skin damage and even at home you are never really comfortable, it's just so hot all the time you never want to do anything but even doing nothing is uncomfortable.



I think you both are right. Winter makes you sad anyway only for the lack of sunlight. Too hot summer make difficult to have an outside life and even inside if you dont have way to get you cooler.


That is a russian chan?


that looks nice


As I've said before, the grass is always greener on the other side. However, as the Aussia has said better than I can (>>574), cold weather has an advantage because it's easier to deal with and doesn't punish physical activity as much as heat does. Furthermore, for those with lighter skin and colourful eyes, sunlight is harsh.

Yet, if you're open-minded enough about weather, it's possible to see that both sunlight and gloom are beautiful at the right place and time. Sunlight is opressive at 30+ temperatures, but it's wonderful when it's cold and/or at the early morning or late afternoon, just as drizzle and cold are comfortable and lively (lush vegetation after a rainy week is a sight to behold) as long as they don't last too long or get too cold. Thus, an ideal climate would have its moments of heat and coldness rather than just one of them forever. (This already rules out tropical climate, which has the same dull temperatures for the whole year). The exact temperature range would vary a lot according to personal taste.

My ideal climate would either look like this:
or this:

How would your ideal climate look? Post some statistics like these


It's comfy for the most part. Situations it can be annoying is if you are lost, drunk, and/or driving. This past winter was one of the windiest I've experienced as far as top speed is concerned and high speed persistence. I go to smoke and my backyard and end up walking laps around my garage questioning my knowledge of physics and 3d space trying to escape the wind to no avail.

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