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I just woke up from a long and very stressfull dream about feelings of guilt.
It was about friends that thought I'm a loser and attacked me with knifes, and a female I know who just wanted to destroy my life by creating a website which told very bad stuff about me.
In addition the dream consisted of three parts one long story though.
I can't remember much about the second part, only that I got drunk and took heroin which I've never done in real life.
In the last part my family and me somehow managed to visit new york for a short time and we wandered through endless streets and I was drunk and high as fuck and couldn't walk properly for a few minutes but then got my shit together and continued walking until we got into a building in which we met relatives and took stuff from their fridge, they also had a kot.
However I feel much better now then I felt yesterday, nightmares can have positive endings.
Also I want to travel the USA now even more I have a weird obsession about it but I don't have monies and wouldn't know who I'd want to come with me.


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Not a dream, but still a strange experience
>wake up
>open eyes
>everything is white
>nothing else can be seen
>close and open eyes repeatedly
>still white
>rub eyes
>still white
>think I'm blind
>close eyes
>feel lethargic for a moment
>turn around
>open eyes
>it's just my bedroom


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I recently had a dream in which Alex Jones was strapped to some sort of laboratory bed while slowly becoming green, growing in size, breaking his chains and turning into Hulk.

r8 my dream


btw: he was screaming and shirtless through the whole the process


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My dreams often involve killing people with blunt objects OR me playing a videogame and I can like feel a controller in my hands.

I used to to play videogames a lot when I was younger I almost never do anymore.

What's the prognosis doc


>What's the prognosis doc
You want to have sex with your mother.

t. (((Freud)))


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I fuckin love Alex Jones


The problem is you feel powerless when confronted with reality and are impotent in terms of Will. Start lifting weights more and fapping to lolis less.


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I'm recovering from sickness and thus can't eat a lot and must do so carefully. So last night I dreamt I was eating plateloads upon plateloads of my favorite chocolate sweets, as if my mind was playing a sadistic trick on itself.


Chocolate, or any similar sugar-packed poison, is by far the worst thing you could be eating. Doesn't matter if you're sick or not, don't eat that shit. It'll kill you.


A couple of weeks ago i had a dream about going to some east asian country and eating their food which for some reason gave me botulism.

I have weird dreams ;_;


Last night I had a complicated and somewhat emotionally distressing dream, but my memories are too hazy to describe it. All I can clearly remember is that, at the very end, I entered my bedroom to discover that North Koreans had completely messed it up, even by disassembling my desk for some reason about "increasing literacy". I assume my bedroom appeared because of my alarm clock ringing, and literacy, because of my Victoria II addiction


Does anyone else have dreams involving "reading" fictional site pages on the internet?

I have them sometimes, and they're certainly the most boring and unimaginative kind of dream anyone could ever have. Instead of scenic landscapes and highly emotional movements that peak as one wakes up, it's just a dull, narcotic experience that gradually fades away until you're conscious and in a poor mood.

Whenever this happens to me, I'm reading either Wikipedia articles or unidentified news sites; in either case, that's a bit problematic, as my memory preserves small pieces of each dream's imaginary content and they merge into my knowledge.

One such dream, the most recent I can remember, involved reading about the pro-Russian rebels in the Donbas, including a lengthy article about how they were losing -"losing to obesity" (kek) or something of the kind. My imagination then drifted to some narrow desert canyon where pro-Russian militiamen fired their AKs at an unseen enemy while peeking in and out of cover. Interestingly enough, there were more of them entering and leaving, like ants, what seemed to be a deep tunnel/cave system through the rocks, but the dream didn't last long enough to explore it.


File: 1506300602915.jpg (423.46 KB, 1200x849, 1435352022460-2.jpg) Exif Google iqdb

A couple nights ago I had a heavier dream in which I got to follow the news regarding a gruesome prison riot whose only event I could really remember was the guards having their eyes gouged out. What I found most remarkable wasn't the event itself, as far bloodier prison rebellions that ocurred this year are in my mind, but that the emotional weight was lower than one would expect and I talked with my grandmother about some irrelevant things like car license plates.

An older dream (last Thursday, if I can remember) involved flying through an arid landscape on a Google Earth-like program. The scenario had life-like resolution and 3D projection and its final and most memorable point was a narrow canyon surrounding a vivid blue stream. I even got to "dive" in with my flight and observe the land at its bottom, which was, just like the stone everywhere else, of an uniform texture with no pebbles or dust of any kind. The stream and valley then opened up into a wider pool fed by a very high waterfall. I think I can remember where did the waterfall and pool came from, but the canyon seemed completely original instead of a recycled known space, which is what I dream of 99% of the time.

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