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Hello, what do you think about Poland?


nothing good



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I was joke
Poland girls are beautiful, men are strong and adult. I wish I was born there to be honest, although it seems a poor and generally bad country.
All of these are stereotypes, I've never been there


It's a beacon of hope for Europe.

Which is more of a statement on the Old Continent's moribund situation than on Poland's worth. But maybe Poles can once again be savior Hussars one day.


i kinda like it, and i hope like my own country that things get better




I've never been there, but everything I've heard about it suggests that it's a hell of a lot more civilized than where I live. It's a pretty language, even though I can't understand any of it.


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I wish Polish overlonds ruled us. We would be civilized European and catholic.


They north rightfully belongs to the order or at least to Prussia.


I have some good friends up in Poland. You guys seem nice and I'd like to come up to your country sometime : )


tbh Polan is hardly much better than Russia


From a Finnish standpoint Poland's "those guys down south who actually did something interesting once or twice before becoming part of Russia and of whom the rest of the world might actually have heard", at least to me

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