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What reason do you chaps have to live? What do you do for a living or with your life that makes you want to continue existing?

I can't really think of any, there is no career I want to follow or anything I want to devote myself to.


Well weirdly enough, anon, I have nothing to live for.

I'm just alive for what may come in the future and the happiness I may feel. I mean my situation is pretty shitty right now so I would like to see it get better :)


My cats.

I mean, I have a career, and I guess it's okay, but it's really just something I do so that I can just barely afford to stay alive and keep my cats happy and occasionally do something fun. But then, I live in a barbaric, collapsing cesspool of a country and have no practical way to escape, so "hope" isn't something I can particularly live for. I love my cats, though.


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hitting things is fun!


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you homo

America is the greatest country currently on earth


Australianbro please tell us more


Honouring my grandfather's name and legacy.


It's like when you are running down a hill and want to stop but you know that if you do you are going to fall over and continue to roll down.

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