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not very informative

wikipedia is better


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I remember reading a "practical" guide to suicide that was nothing but nearly a hundred pages about how you can fuck up it, survive and end up as a cripple for the rest of your life.


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I bet most suicidal people would consider that a success

Wheelchairs can be pretty cool or moe if you have the right attitude

plus they then get lots of attention which is what they probably wanted all along

Unless they get the drooling and self-defecating kind of disability. That blows


>plus they then get lots of attention which is what they probably wanted all along
Incidentally, isn't this the primary reason women do failed suicide attempts?


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Yes I believe so

That's why they mostly use pills
–the most unreliable and stretched-out method


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Most of them involved constant physical pain.


It probably has more to do with women being afraid of violent (but effective) methods and preferring peaceful (but shitty) methods. Poisoning is also considered to be a "feminine" thing to do (poisoning your husband, eating poisoned apples, etc.).


Poisoning is the most common method of suicide around the world. The thing is you need to drink weedkiller or bleach not vitamin C tablets.


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If you really want to do it, just go out into the wild.
Find a place where there are few people.
Nature will find a way to kill you.
You'll probably end up trying to survive because it is in your nature.
As long as you don't find any helpful people, you will die.

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