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endchan seems to be in read-only mode for me, none of my posts go through although I get no error after posting. they just don't show up.


nevermind, they showed up finally altough they took about 5 minutes to appear.


400 SSL error
working on eu.endchan


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what are these anorexic whores laughing at????


until the sites really working just post here


endchan has not been the model of stability in the last month. before then the outages were small enough and short enough it wasnt so bad, now shits getting pretty stupid.


anyone check tor? dont remember the onion address. shits too slow for regular posting anyways honestly.


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b-bad gateway?




this is odilidud
don't catchu slippin up (wew)
don't catchu slippin up (ayy)
look wut i'm whippin up (ahhheyyyy)


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