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File: 1515169252797.png (16.59 KB, 447x180, d1c00b17bc6390c5dec0ee8060….png) Google iqdb


dudchan dud du bed ohduditime is takin a dud nap while his dud code dud duds odiliduhd dddudeman where r u


God fucking damnitwtf


The 5 check in


File: 1515175454656.png (109.32 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20180105_0001.png) Google iqdb

This isn't very promising:


Hi where are the sport


.pl is still official bunker, regroup there




any word from odil? wheres everyone else?


Depreschan is primary bunker. Poland secondary


he said he found the problem and is contacting the necessary people to resolve the issue. Guess that means it's hosting issues?


this site is responsive
just need these flags off


did you dm him?


aww, this can is adorable


You can turn them off on the reply form at the top.


nice I guess.


needs oekaki


this is really dudcode? whys it feel so fast?


wonder what the local time in Russia is. too lazy to check


i think depresanon makes improvements??


Runnin on jenk


yeah believe he has, this does feel fucking fast.


no kiddin. if only it had the kaki tho


testing communism flag


testing dont show flag


does it stay tho?


no have to check it each time


Please send more semen


if this was a long term stay admin could turn it off i guess. i mean he did offer to get >us our own domain, not that that is even necessary


toothpaste pls


holy shit it is fast


looks like if you post from the primary text box no flag stays, quick reply doesnt?


I hat criket.


me to budy


>/sp/ is finally a christian board again




that one anon is being mean ;_;


testing proxy


c-can i finally get those hot russian singles all the ads have been telling me about??


did it work?


xhey are waiting for you


wouldn't mind doing a little bit of a test to see how much strain this can take


in case you haven't caught this yet almost all the stupid, paranoid, angry, repetitive posts across 3 fucking years are all made by one guy. hes kind of sad. hes just the dumbest poster on the entire board.


ya i've caught that, or at least i recognize him as the 'angry' poster whenever he pops up. why can't people just have fun?
also is the thread auto update working for you? i can't tell if mines working or not


>no oekaki



anyone else switch to vivaldi? im lovin it. i even switched my dad over from jewgle chrome


i know i know ;_;
i wanted a bee thread but i couldn't
ASCII bee thread is the only option


Is this the place of the Russian hackers?


lol used to use it then stopped


lets see what it reads this proxy as




this site single handedly stole the election and gave it to dooble droopf

why? i haven't been able to find any compatibility issues, chan or otherwise. wicked fast too with a fairly light footprint


wtf none of these are french proxies




endchans back up
well its been fun depreschan


shaddap frog




thanks for answering >our bootycall depreschon, had a lot of fun. gotta split


I miss /sp/ already


Happy Wentzmas Day


i got a big ole gock but i can only get hard while browsing endchan
wot du


what the fuck to where


back to our homeboard, this is our bunker

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