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>what do you think
Sorry, we're not allowed to think, that's against the rules.


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fuck you. this guy is so good


i'm looking for a chan which named "nerd chan" "geek chan" "neet chan" or something like that. i saw it here a while ago. anyone know it?

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Do you drink coffee?


no fag

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Do you pray the rosary? If not than when will you start? The rosary defeats depression.

October 7th, 1571, the ottoman Empire was defeated by the intersession of The Queen of Hevean, Mary Mother of God by the Catholic Church and the Holy League among the prayers and devotions of all of Catholic Europe. Leading up this event was the Seige of Famagusta where some 30,000 and more civilians were slaughtered and butchered as the islands inhabitants of Cyprus of the West escaped while the Eastern front sacrificed themselves in heroic battle lead by Marco Antonio Bragadin.


Siege of Famagusta

General and martyr of Famagusta Marco Antonio Bragadin
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When do you think the next official papal decree of a crusade will be? Any wisdom on this matter?


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Mongolia is the best country in the world!
Mongolia - You can say there are only two genders, male and female.
Because fuck everyone, there is not a single person around 30+ km around your yurt.
Mongolia - You can call nigeer, and you will get nothing for it.
Because fuck everyone, there is not a single person around 30+ km around your yurt.
Mongolia - You can call gay-faggot and say that he is wrong, and you will not get anything for it.
Because fuck everyone, there is not a single person around 3 km around your yurt.

Mongolia - coolest country in the world.
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horse pussy


I had the idea to venture a business on starting horse back com9etion of shooting arroees or shotgun competition. Japan has horse back archery and so does Mongolia.

At some point the shotgun competitions were removed from English and American horse back riding.

It's not too late, but horses aren't my experience. I grew up around horses and it seemed nice.

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pls post something here
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i'll pass


police honeypot, do not go there

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I'm really sorry about this, kid


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Taste > Look

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I think you guys need more ero pictures
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No,not a real woman.
it's too difficult for us to use them with thinking about their fates.


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Where are the serious discussions pls?
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I tried to make a high quality post a week ago, but I got too lazy and couldn't complete it.


added to the list: University of California, Berkeley.


added to the list: Harvard University; Northwestern University.

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Greetings from SpaceChan!
Come visit if you'd like



comfy chan

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What will not make this board an ad porn dump, just like tons of small boards?


Because we are civilized.


Disorders of penis development are on the rise and we're not sure why (News Source: ABC Australia)
Penis disorder rates are on the rise, and doctors aren't sure why.
In prenatal ultrasounds or at delivery, many new parents look between their baby's legs: the presence of a penis is taken as a strong sign that it's a boy.

You need more than just testes to make a penis (News Source: The Conversation)
Testosterone is primarily made in the testes, and creates many of the characteristics we see in adult men.


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We are old.

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