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I don't deny this

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I'm interested in Mikhail Nesterov's works ever since I knew them a few months ago. The lightning usually makes me think of the last agonizing moments of afternoon, when the Sun has already set, cold winds blow but it's still bright enough to see the landscape. Messing around with GIMP, I've noticed they look better with higher saturation and lower brightness. And the melancholic Orthodox mysticism and yearning for a holier life are completely different from the art I'm used to see.
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Some illustrations from Ivan Bilibin, about russian folk and fairy tales.


Second pic is really neat, what is the story behind it?


Yeah I really like the glowing skulls. Here is the story : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vasilisa_the_Beautiful

The third image is from the same tale.

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Who's still around, checking this place every day for new posts?
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I hate it when my muslim neighbour plays loud music to suppress the sound of banging his head against the floor when he prays


t. Anglo


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I've come to the conclusion that discussion is a much easier fuel for this board's activity than merely posting content.

But discuss about what?

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At least we're not gay.


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gay is the way


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Hi guys,
I am depressed, and I want to learn russian. Guess I am at the right place.
I have learned the alphabet, and I also know a few sentences. Some of them are not very useful, like «  У меня понос » or « ты краcивaя как русалка », but I’m still learning.

Pic related, it’s a Christ painted by one of my favorite russian painter, Kramskoi. I think he feel quite bad because this world is fucking garbage.


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>Guess I am at the right place.
/Б/ is actually the best board for that, as few Russophones stay here.

I kinda wish I could learn Russian, but for my third language I still have to learn either German, or, as an alternative, French. French seems easier to learn, but doesn't allow me to enjoy German neofolk and Romanticist poetry, which are a large part of what draws me to the idea of learning a new language.

>this world is fucking garbage.

Well, that's a fundamental theme within the Gospels.

Btw, you should post in the paintings thread if you have more from Kramskoi.


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Salut. Comment ca va? Je suis parle francais un peu. Je suis de la Russie.
that's all what i can remeber now.

You can go to /b/ and if you don't understand, you can find help from us.
I start learn japan language and i sense, that you feel


> This is really heartbreaking.
> I hope they can fix the bumper, it looks pretty bad.
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>rainbow fag clown in the crowd
Maybe he should've crashed his car into the sidewalk just to make sure the job was complete.


Btw, I'm a bit lost on the Charlottesville habbening. Has the driver's political allegiance been definitively established?


File: 1502782491464.gif (688.15 KB, 500x281, 1425059892909.gif) Google iqdb

Damn, that poor vehicle.
It looks like a pretty expensive ride too, just imagine how much the damage costs on that thing are going to be.


>It looks like a pretty expensive ride too
Which means that the driver was either a madman or didn't intend to harm anyone and just reacted to the protesters. In today's insane reality, I don't know which is more likely.

File: 1499719991518.png (39.34 KB, 696x686, france wip.png) Google iqdb


Since I was bored, I unleashed my inner assburger and began a map of a hypothetical Greater Kingdom of France's internal subdivisions based on linguistic-historical regions, with the self-imposed limitation of following department borders. I'm still unsure of the borders, particularly in the south, but it's starting to look good.

How are you wasting your time and what is your current pet project, /int/?
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Thing is, culturally and linguistically the two flow into each other cross-border. Standard Dutch is Low-Franconian based; meanwhile, while northeastern part of Netherlands speaks Low-Saxon. Netherlands has also been considered to annex some of the neighbouring German territories after WW2 (Bakker-Schut-Plan).
Also well if you include the German-speaking parts of Switzerland, you should also include German-speaking parts of Netherlands (The Low Countries); both have had their independence from the Emperor recognised as part of Peace of Westfalia in 1648.
As for maps of political divisions besides https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Locator_maps_of_territories_of_the_Holy_Roman_Empire I'm not aware of any good resources.


I'll consider including the Netherlands and Flanders, then.

Remembering the Imperial circles gave me a new idea for a three-tiered administrative structure: department equivalents and autonomous areas (Frisians and Sorbs), multi-region circles with a very high degree of autonomy and the Imperial government.


File: 1502756894870.png (81.1 KB, 783x695, hre.png) Google iqdb

First draft of the Imperial Circles.

File: 1502477550298.png (1.34 MB, 1366x768, tree frogs are amphibious ….png) Google iqdb


how do you feel about the animals whose meat you eat?
personally, I don't feel bad at all because animals are normies
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How did you come to this world? Were you born in a vat, by any chance?

To the extent that we are biological beings with chemical needs and impulses that exist regardless of our free will, we are still animals.


I don't need to fuck to live

>biological beings with chemical needs and impulses that exist regardless of our free will

so we are animals because we get hungry
fair enough, but there is a major difference between non-normie :^) humans and animals
for an animal, it's enough to just survive and reproduce


>I don't need to fuck to live
But someone needs to have fucked in order for you to be alive at this moment. Furthermore, you are anatomically, neurologically and chemically wired to seek reproduction, and, if your values system isn't nihilistic individualism, reproduction is often needed to honor your family, your ancestors, and, ultimately, God.

>fair enough, but there is a major difference between non-normie :^) humans and animals

Indeed, there are critical differences between man and beast. But the existential need to murder other creatures for their energy and matter is the same.

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Join my cool discord guys :3

File: 1501884792897.webm (3.96 MB, 640x480, настоящего нет.webm) Google iqdb


Save Russia from bandit lawlessness!


File: 1501972275159.png (822.01 KB, 734x1127, SHOC_Dutyer.png) Google iqdb

Deadly anomalies, dangerous mutants, anarchists and bandits…

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