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2200 get




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/(^ × ^)\

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Post rare words in your language.


Cur - (ass)

Dute-n cur (kiss my ass)


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Lutulento = muddy. It's notoriously similar to "luto"(mourning).

Deveras = truly, frankly. I've never heard this outside of 19th century plays.

Tebaida = loneliness.

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What do you think of marriage?
What changes with marriage?
Is a divorce OK?
Chances of ever happening to you?
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Marriage is only good if your partner is not real.


Yep. Wafifu need to be 2D. 3D-sluts are shit.


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What is sadness for you?
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No one cares bro…
No one…


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Life is sadness, because pain isnt cool.

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What is this called in your langauge?
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A fucking weird shark


a greedy scheming jew


Fish and chips without chips.

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>be living in a large city
>on a middle class neighborhood
>frequently get interrupted by beggars (mosstly when I'm returning from the grocery store)
>most are actually quite warm and polite
>but I'm horribly shy, socially awkward and oblivious to my surroundings
>sometimes I'm so oblivious I can't even hear what they're saying well
>because of all the above, I respond awfully and can't retribute their politeness, leaving awkwardly after giving them a few bucks and a bad impression
>and I hate not being able to retribute warmth

What do?
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Try to kill them. If police ask why, say , "it was self+defence" and all will be okay.


I don't have any meaningful right to self-defence.

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I'd just like to say how nice this chan is. You guys are great.
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y-you too.


you're a big guy.


Thank you.

File: 1492712998508.png (449.29 KB, 949x534, therapist.png) Google iqdb


And how does that make you feel?
Uh-huh. Alright. Okay.
See you again next week.
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>99% of normies are people like this, people with malleable minds.
>he had right wing beliefs put into his head by your father
Actually, my father is no ideologue and taught us just general conservative beliefs and a distrust of gommunism. My brother's no normalfag; he's highly intelligent, read conservative intellectuals and was well-versed in politics. I assume years of nonstop and overwhelming pressure broke him down.
British decadence…


I don't know who was my father.
And what he bring to my mind.

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What other imageboards do you browse?
I browse /meta/, 4taba and 4chan
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does posting even work on 99chan or are most of the boards locked?


I thought wizards just stayed at home playing video games


Depreschan is top rated ib.

File: 1492969821717.jpg (43.68 KB, 555x297, 1492954984527.jpg) Exif Google iqdb


Why does all of Asia hate Korean so much?
I am Romanian and both All of my Chinese friends and all of my Japanese friends say that Koreans are the niggers of Asia.
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They are scared.


Consider this: A pack of zainichi Koreans.
Starcraft-playing, 2ch-DDoSing Koreans nearing your Japanese home. Trampling your Japanese lawn. Demanding apologies for ww2 from your Japanese daughter. And you can't do shit since they smell of Korean cuisine | Feces. The Korean leader grabs your wife and fucks her with his plastic surgery enhanced penis.
The loudmouthed Koreans finally dominate your household. They watch their K-dramas on FujiTV and you are forced to be their slave.
Such is the downfall of Japanese Man.


Because they eat dogs, and drink vine, that maked from child shit.

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