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How did you guys find the link to our super secret /jp/ hideout?




>/jp/ board


I googled "gayest imageboard ever".

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Do you pray the rosary? If not than when will you start? The rosary defeats depression.

October 7th, 1571, the ottoman Empire was defeated by the intersession of The Queen of Hevean, Mary Mother of God by the Catholic Church and the Holy League among the prayers and devotions of all of Catholic Europe. Leading up this event was the Seige of Famagusta where some 30,000 and more civilians were slaughtered and butchered as the islands inhabitants of Cyprus of the West escaped while the Eastern front sacrificed themselves in heroic battle lead by Marco Antonio Bragadin.


Siege of Famagusta

General and martyr of Famagusta Marco Antonio Bragadin
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I never said mediate/mediator but intercede/intercessor. The difference being in the primary meaning of each word, which I meant to convey in my usage (the word intercede also has a secondary meaning which is a synonym to mediate, but I did not intend to use the word that way).
Here are the primary meanings:
Intercede (v.intr.): To plead on another's behalf.
Mediate (v.intr.): To work with two or more disputants in order to bring about an agreement, settlement, or compromise.
Jesus is not the only intercessor to God (though he is the greatest) in the primary meaning of the word. But only Jesus can mediate to reconcile us with God. I hope this clears up what I wrote.


That clears it up ! thanks.


When do you think the next official papal decree of a crusade will be? Any wisdom on this matter?

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What's going on!

There's so empty and cold.

Can i bring some love and fun to here?


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y-yes onii-chan i need your love


It seems like this site may be one of few offshoots that try to keep the site sfw and it goes a long way.

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Nobody like fornite.
It's slowly fading anyways.

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I came for the shekels~


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No cash.
Only cards.


Take them, I dont live in Isreal, so they mean nothing to me.

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I'm here because the spam, make an ouija thread or let me rest in peace.
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fuck off you degenerate, go to santiago del estero and fuck some horses


>fuck some horses
>Santiago Del Estero
This is the capital of MLP fans?


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ricardo camacho en suicide silence

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Hello where are desperate slav womans


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on my mind


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Any white women = Bitches
Any Latina women = bitches but with booty.

IDK Anon, but you should reconsider your options.

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Hello from your friends over at http://nuclear-ib.com

just stopping in to return the visit.


>Users may also not post from proxies, VPNs, or Tor exit nodes.

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