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thoughts on this?




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hello i am Visitor from poorchan
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heil kebabchan



>he couldn't find it
Your Googling skills could use some improvement.

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Sopa de macaco, uma delicia.


based medpoaster

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Let me give you a run down about her. She is a slut who had me at 18. She is the sole reason I'm pro-choice. I'm hoping more whores that got knocked up at her age and would become shitty parents would abort their kids as opposed to bringing them up miserably. She is 33 or something now and is single, haven't having her pussy raided in the last 8 years. Of course, know that the last of her eggs are being destroyed by the body she's constantly in an angry state. She reminds me constantly about how pathetic I am about about how I suck the last fucking slivers of joy out of her mind and how horribly unproud she is that I fell from her womb.

I want to kill this lady. Since she has no love in her life, besides possibly her own parents, and I would rather sit on this computer I am on now for the rest of my life than spend one more fucking day with her, she has cats to add some bonding to her spirit. She speaks to these two cats like she would a room mate. Asking them how they were, how their days have been, and if they're hungry constantly. God forbid one of them meows back in response; thus ushering in an hour of goo-goo'ing while I mutter at her uselessness from the other room.

If my computer could pay the bills, I'd kill my mom.
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dude ur 15 lol

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Greetings from Ylilauta. Stop spamming every fucking board with ads for your sad virgin board.


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Good night, sweet prince.


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Edward Ylierhands

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