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Be cool bitch people gotta advertise


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>so many wordfilters
What the hell, did you just wordfilter every word in the english dictionary to "I am a huge faggot please rape my face"?

>being this butthurt

>about a friendly advertisement
Lad, you need to get a hold of yourself.


You want to advertise, you pay for it.

>being American

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Hello, what do you think about Poland?
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I have some good friends up in Poland. You guys seem nice and I'd like to come up to your country sometime : )


tbh Polan is hardly much better than Russia


From a Finnish standpoint Poland's "those guys down south who actually did something interesting once or twice before becoming part of Russia and of whom the rest of the world might actually have heard", at least to me

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aaaa zabijcie mnie


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Feels good

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the fuck is this shit


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Is that rabbit wearing a rabbit-tail buttplug?

Isn't that a bit redundant


Stop with the yiffing.

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Ask anything to a colombiano with bad english and a hollow life
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except you live in a fucking 1st world country


>one of the PIGS
>first world
lel, nice one boland

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Imagine if you hacked someone's 3d printer and made it print out dildos and then knock them over before printing another all day long and they'd come home and their room would be full of dildos?


If you hacked someone's 3D printer to print dildos all day long they would have maybe half a dildo when they got back.


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you know from experience huh?


Yeah, have you never used a 3D printer? They take hours to do anything at all.

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Please help us in drawing le grand Russian coat of arms.
Some red squares from you in picrel zone would be great.
Do it, anon.


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Keep drawing anons


Say the coordinates.


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Are you doing what you should be doing
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eggs are cool


Why do you post such eerie animations?


File: 1491425717184.webm (7.7 MB, 480x360, dankest.webm) Google iqdb

it's art

c'est la vie

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What reason do you chaps have to live? What do you do for a living or with your life that makes you want to continue existing?

I can't really think of any, there is no career I want to follow or anything I want to devote myself to.
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Australianbro please tell us more


Honouring my grandfather's name and legacy.


It's like when you are running down a hill and want to stop but you know that if you do you are going to fall over and continue to roll down.

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What do you guys think about the after life?
Also /int/ may have turned my photo upside down so I apologise
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When I was a child, I used to visit the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco. I would spend hours fascinated by the carp, who lived in a very shallow pond just inches beneath the lily pads, just beneath my fingers, totally oblivious to the universe above them.

I would ask myself a question only a child could ask: what would it be like to be a carp? What a strange world it would be! I imagined that the pond would be an entire universe, one that is two-dimensional in space. The carp would only be able to swim forwards and backwards, and left and right. But I imagined that the concept of “up”, beyond the lily pads, would be totally alien to them. Any carp scientist daring to talk about “hyperspace”, i.e. the third dimension “above” the pond, would immediately be labelled a crank. I wondered what would happen if I could reach down and grab a carp scientist and lift it up into hyperspace. I thought what a wondrous story the scientist would tell the others! The carp would babble on about unbelievable new laws of physics: beings who could move without fins. Beings who could breathe without gills. Beings who could emit sounds without bubbles. I then wondered: how would a carp scientist know about our existence? One day it rained, and I saw the rain drops forming gentle ripples on the surface of the pond.

Then I understood.

The carp could see rippling shadows on the surface of the pond. The third dimension would be invisible to them, but vibrations in the third dimensions would be clearly visible. These ripples might even be felt by the carp, who would invent a silly concept to describe this, called “force.” They might even give these “forces” cute names, such as light and gravity. We would laugh at them, because, of course, we know there is no “force” at all, just the rippling of the water.

Today, many physicists believe that we are the carp swimming in our tiny pond, blissfully unaware of invisible, unseen uni- verses hovering just above us in hyperspace. We spend our life in three spatial dimensions, confident that what we can see with our telescopes is all there is, ignorant of the possibility of 10 dimensional hyperspace. Although these higher dimensions are invisible, their “ripples” can clearly be seen and felt. We call these ripples gravity and light. The theory of hyperspace, however, languished for many decades for lack of any physical proof or application. But the theory, once considered the province of eccentrics
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I like this. eloquently put and a good read. Makes sense to say there's always another "level" you could go perhaps.


I'm afraid of death. I'm also afraid of eternal life. Heaven is supposed to be a perfect place but I'm not able to comprehend what is perfect. I think that there're no perfect things in life.

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