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The answer to 1984 is 1776.
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Right. Then what's the answer to 1972?




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The answer to 1959 is 1973.

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My ancestors.


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My ancestors.



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this is nice board
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yu lik criket, budy?


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You don't have to remind me of it, sweetie

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Scientists are developing neural connections with technology such as mobile phones, they want to connect phones directly to our minds. Do you people know how scary this is? This is like a real life conspiracy horror story about the government reading and controlling our minds, they will be able to connect to our mind, they will be able to try to send subliminal messaged to control us and we will not be able to hide anything from them. I hate this modern, post apocalyptic cyber punk world we live in….
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It's because they're so specialized. Their knowledge of certain particular realms is deep, but it's at the expense of other areas of knowledge. Many of the people I know who believe hard science is the epitome of human knowledge may be very smart but are also incredibly underdeveloped in other ways.


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Thomas Sowell wrote a lot about this.
I've heard about it, it's creepy.

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Why do you browse reddit?


I browse endchan and lurk of those many lost souls whom happened to end up there.
I also lurk finnish board such as, nyymichan.fi,apokalauta.org,loistolauta.org (all of them are quite dead so there isn't a whole lot of new content to see)
If I lurk places like 8chan or 4chan, then It means I'm gathering info there (such as mega.nz links and pastebin). Nevertheless those are good place if you want to get back on track for example software version etc. thanks to its PPH.
But mainly, I try to shift torward imageboard which use lynxchan.


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File: 1492588377963.jpg (285.14 KB, 940x863, areva5688g1.jpg)


Your room is the most beautiful of desert islands, and Paris is a desert that no-one has ever
traversed. All you really need is your sleep, silence around you, your own silence, stillness. All
you need is for days to begin and end, for time to pass, for your mouth to be shut, for the
muscles in your nape, your jaws and your chin to slacken, for the rising and falling of your
rib-cage, the beating of your heart to be the only evidence of your continuing and patient
To want nothing. Just to wait, until there is nothing left to wait for. Just to wander, and to
sleep. To let yourself be carried along by the crowds, and the streets. To follow the gutters,
the fences, the water's edge. To walk the length of the embankments, to hug the walls. To
waste your time. To have no projects, to feel no impatience. To be without desire, or
resentment, or revolt.
In the course of time your life will be there in front of you: a life without motion, without
crisis and without disorder, a life with no rough edges and no imbalance. Minute by minute,
hour after hour, day after day, season after season, something is going to start that will be
without end: your vegetal existence, your cancelled life.


I started reading it and my thoughts started to wander around. But i forced myself to focus and read the whole thing. I succeded but i didn´t have the feeling it was worth it. And now i forgot what it was about.


>wanting to be a lazy bum



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失礼はだめですよ。 あやまれなさい!


>you will never build computers and program with lain
why live?

File: 1492549151700.jpg (105.95 KB, 444x750, arino owning neets.jpg)


Do you like Game Center CX? I think I should learn something from Arino, I have a bunch of games that I never played twice, I should end what I start…
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Nice, what is your favorite episode? Any favorite AD?


File: 1492557971931.jpg (116.39 KB, 500x500, ninnin.jpg)



My favorite episode is when Arino played Tokimeki Memorial for PSX. The whole episode is hilarious.

File: 1492343037745.jpg (1.15 MB, 3456x2224, img_2203-copy.jpg)


Do you like pizza?
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File: 1492572221693.png (248.21 KB, 800x750, 329001.png)

Yes, I like pizza


Noice :DDD

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