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How to be a cold person?
Nifty and that takes advantage of the opportunities without showing fear?


You can be nifty and fearlessly take advantage of opportunities whilst still being a decent person. That is unless you mean take advantage of opportunities to include taking advantage of people as well. Which is it?


You need to live in Siberia.
It's always cold here and no matter how hot you are.

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Is atheism the dumbest religion?
It seems like the lowest iq religion
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Atheism isn't a religion though. If it was a religion it would require it's own rituals.

Which it doesn't. Its just writing off God and then doing your own thing from there.


Canibalism is - sin .


File: 1551251042658.gif (366.89 KB, 499x380, allisbrigh.gif) Google iqdb

It's not "canibalism" It's resourcefulness.

It's non toxic and highly nutritious. Why waste it?

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hey! i came to this chan from the far away lands of chile, ask me anything!


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hello conchetumadre maraca culia suck my rica pichula.

also, lamuel gay son of the moko eater.


his own creation (nido.org) came back to destroy him

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bamo argentina aaaaaa
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Argentina has dank memes?


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I know lifes got you all down but turn that frown updide down.

Cheer up! Jeez
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i agree with furby


File: 1551068902202.jpg (22.13 KB, 474x474, UnkittyNyanCat.jpg) Exif Google iqdb

So …. Has anyone cheered up since 2017?


No one

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Choose your destiny.

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There's been some shit going on with Russia and the internet lately. Can some Russanon fill me in on the details? Is it really becoming like China over there?


I don't know. I know China has facial recognition cameras across their entire city now and supposedly they're trying to implement and integrate publicly known brain wave scanning tech into public transit and other outlets to literally influence thoughts.

That seems like propaganda, but people have claimed the Western Nations have had this technology since the 60s and 70s.

I have a very hard time believing Russia is implementing similar technologies, but as far as internet blocks go, than maybe.


We will rather live as in the DPRK. And in field dreams see free China.

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goatfinger.ga invite me here

File: 1550890335066.png (101.2 KB, 251x251, 1549145970801.png) Google iqdb


Are Brazilians welcome in Russia?
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Is that another spin off?


Hello, amigo.

What about other kinds of asses?


File: 1551032331831.png (170.38 KB, 780x800, trump-hitler-comic.png) Google iqdb

two scoops

File: 1490815018070.jpg (217.02 KB, 689x1020, 43399876_p01.jpg) Exif Google iqdb


Interesting boardy board~ :3
Russian is a bit hard though~! >:o
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I have some legit doubts about you being the real Paintknight.

anyhow, come to this thread >>242 here faggoty-pants


Too many.


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