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Thread of proverbs and sayings in your country.
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>Austrian proverb


fuck off, g*rmany is fake


Több nap mint kolbász.
"More days than sausages."

It means that everything good will once come to an end.

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Two articles on spread of iron age technology through Africa and why it seems that Africans discovered smelting on their own, unlike Europeans.

I have the pdfs but the board doesn't let me upload; so use the following links and sci-hub.

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damn, those look like something orcs would use.


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You ain't seen shit, son.


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And my favourite, the Ngulu sword. Forged by Ngombe people.

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Описаний жизни тред, а пока, давайте позалипаем на пейзаж…


И что описывать то?


Ja ni mogu gawarit pa russki


ja tesz nie

File: 1511858741349.png (10.07 KB, 799x92, castration increases lifes….png) Google iqdb


What do you guys think about this fact?
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On the other hand who would like to live over the age of 70.


>a lot of men die doing really stupid/bold shit
Boy that's for sure. I almost died several times over stupid shit


>Cut off your dick
>Live long enough to see what horrors await you in the year 2100
I'd rather die young with my dick tbh

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Paska sucks. Those who doen't agree can go to xyi!

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Im new here hello all


hello Ron

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Is this the Krautchan emergency shelter?




If you want it to be.

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Tactical Pope
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>20 years of Polish meme history
>all they have come up with is the most and the most banal Pope


What is this place?


This is abyss of anal oppression.

File: 1512500714065.png (1.17 MB, 1288x1956, 1512356519931.png) Google iqdb


merorin was here, you guys are faggots


Send nudes.


Don't do it, don't be a whore

File: 1512496677183.png (751.35 KB, 511x850, anne_frank.png) Google iqdb


teleports into your attic

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