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>tfw no gf


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I'm not worried about that having gf gives you low-t and until they're 30 they're likely to cheat and steal half yo' shit

like imagine if your gf cheated on you with some welfare nignog and you still had to pay alimony because "it's unjust for her to not have the same standard of living as she had with you"

Absolutely disgusting

I'm not a mgtow homo though yo I'm just saying you should get with older women and if she's a virgin even better

There's a chinese saying "An ugly wife is a treasure in the home"


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>older women
Meh, this is what really worries me, particularly on a more critical question - marriage.

To keep my middle class lifestyle, I'll only be able to marry in my 30s with a woman of similar age who's already had 50 sexual partners before me. Then, as children are expensive, I'll only be able to raise a single one, who, in the postmodern ideological climate, won't even care about me when I'm older.

Combined with the prospect of spending the rest of my life in a cramped apartment on a dull metropolis, this is horrifying. The age of marrying young with a virgin girl and having a big family is gone.

And yet I'm taught that with every year our lives will get brighter and happier and more progressive… fuck the current year.


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yeah yeah maybe

But I just realized something

Your wife can't really cheat on you if she's constantly pregnant!


File: 1491759411051.jpeg (615.54 KB, 900x1200, pregsmoke.jpeg) Google iqdb

*provided she can't get an abortion

This sucks


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>wanting children
Absolutely disgusting.


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absolutely GAY


>There is no pain, which is good
Incorrect. No pain is not bad, so +0.

Furthermore, there are more important things than trying to min/max the amount of pain felt, and arguably pain is in many cases a good thing in the long run. Reasoning like that just makes one into a selfish pleasure-addicted hedonist and part of the problem with the current year rather than any solution.


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Why are you using words you don't understand?


Having children is the most selfish thing you can do.


Yet on the other hand, having children is also the least selfish selfish thing you can do.


Not at all.


They are not needed.


Having children is the only way to pass on your selfishness; to be able to have someone who can continue being selfish after you can no longer be selfish. That, in itself, is unselfish.


Are you drunk or something? That doesn't make any sense.


People who are talking shit about having kids being selfish is talking about the cunts who have babies to collect welfare. If you are responsible, having a baby means giving up 18 years or more of your life to someone. It's actually pretty selfless.


Not at all. Adopting someone who is already alive and making sacrifices for them could be seen as selfless, but forcing someone into existence who never asked for it can never be. It does not matter if you need society's help to raise them or don't, reproduction is always selfish and an objectively horrible thing to do.


>but forcing someone into existence who never asked for it can never be.
Since you're speaking in terms of "the child did not ask if it wanted to be born", consider the reverse situation: not having a child when you have the means to do so means that this potential person will be deprived of being born and will have no ways to protest this if it wanted to live. On the other hand, a living child can grow and then, if it sees life as something it did not desire, rethink its life or commit suicide. Thus, by giving that child life, you give it freedom, options and the ability to rethink its existence.


Potential people cannot be deprived of anything because they do not exist.


Anyhow, anyone here family men? I think family is most important, but I see too many women who have bought into the anti-family, ME-ME-ME!! meme. I really want to find a good woman, I don't care about marriage, because a family is stronger than a shitty legal contract, I just want to raise a mostly happy family or rather, extend my family since me and my brothers still live together.

But it seems like people don't care about that. I can survive because I have tons of video games and sex toys are easy to buy, but I feel like society has abandoned family values.

Fuck, I support same sex couples adopting, I just want to see a focus on the family and not this fucking metal masturbation bullshit of "strong womyn" and "MGTOW" or other bullshit.

But here I am with my dick in my hand…


And a not-yet-existing child cannot not ask to be born, so saying "the child did not ask to be born" is pointless. It does not exist until after benis in bagina occurs and wasn't dragged out of some plane of nonexistance towards reality, but rather, only began to exist after that point.


File: 1491848235792.jpg (124.72 KB, 363x361, cock.jpg) Exif Google iqdb

same sex couples are not good for kids

you really need a man and woman


>I think family is most important,
I know that feel…

>I just want to see a focus on the family and not this fucking metal masturbation bullshit of "strong womyn" and "MGTOW" or other bullshit.

That's completely correct.
>I support same sex couples adopting
The problem is, while some may be perfectly capable of raising kids well, there's substantial evidence that same-sex couples are far more likely to raise dysfunctional children, as they can't fit the two different gender roles perfectly and are themselves less monogamous and more likely to break up.


The same sex couples adopting is more of compromise, especially since I say adopting rather than actually creating a new life with sperm donors, since apparently, wanting to focus on the family is sexist, racist, and homophobic even though I'm not sexist, racist, or homophobic.

I just want to see an end of single mother clit sucking and have more fathers and mothers involved in their offspring's lives.

But I agree, a man and a woman are the optimal family for a child. Along with a good amount of exposure to healthy parts of the extended family, if present.


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>tfw no gf


File: 1492267273959.png (195.82 KB, 700x700, 1445722183259.png) Google iqdb



Gays are degenerate and will raise even more degenerate children, there is also the problem that at least half of all gays are pedophiles, they already lack morals and self control and they are raising children they are not related too, this can only end poorly.


File: 1492273570527.jpg (108.68 KB, 478x640, girls.jpg) Exif Google iqdb

at least half of all gays are pedophiles ONLY if you assume that everyone who molests a boy is gay

And I don't think that's necessarily true.


72 GFs are just one truck drive away…


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File: 1492307812340-1.jpg (46.14 KB, 487x528, 1472599506035.jpg) Exif Google iqdb

I doubt a qt 3.14 would date one of you, greasy nerds.


delet this sakuya doesn't have a benis


File: 1492314022918.jpg (156.18 KB, 900x1276, 138b10469f30a9922dfa7eae51….jpg) Exif Google iqdb



tfw not a greasy nerd but still no hope of getting gf in my lifetime


File: 1492317582226.png (35.81 KB, 249x212, 1457510785148.png) Google iqdb


File: 1492318947247.jpg (102.57 KB, 1280x720, 1485673069297.jpg) Exif Google iqdb

I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, my man…


You didn't though. Just putting that out there. It's not just nerds and neets who live a loveless life y'know.


>It's not just nerds and neets who live a loveless life y'know.
I know…

This would be a great plot for a NGE episode.


File: 1492328485278.png (157.97 KB, 1280x720, eva title card.png) Google iqdb

I hope you like it, dude.


It's great I love it


Allah is a terrible shitposter


>>2057 (me)



>And if We made the people taste mercy from after calamity touched them, then for them (is) deceit in Our verses/evidences . Say: "Allah (is) faster (in) scheming , that Our messengers write what you scheme.


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>tfw no gf
>tfw no future
>tfw no escape


Getting a gf isn't hard, you just need to have zero standards.


And much more mnoey.
Also need many time, good job, home, auto, etc.




SAME ;___;


You don't need gf, if you 29yo shitposter from circleboard.


Well I have been thinking about this gf thing, but at least for now currently 19-year-old and entering conscription in the age of 20,
I'm starting to lose hope. I skipped all the possible scenarios where I would have actual contact to girls during I was in college, neither was I too active
even with my friends. The social media platfrom and chatting software they use, I totally dismissed it as nonsense, leaving me out of the group.
However, I have a vague plan for this. The idea is to date low educated (possibly dumb) women who are not too aware of the world around them. I'm too sure
who I'll manipulate them to my taste, but as you can see, those women with nonsense degrees such as "women studies" etc. are more likely to be single
and bitter to their sex counterparts.

Nevertheless, I don't I have too much of a hurry to find girls even tho my grandmom is pressuring me saying that she wants to live long enough to seem my offsping.
Sadly enough, I have hard time seeing my self marrying anyone in the age of 25 because I'll completing some clone ass degree.


>The social media platfrom and chatting software they use, I totally dismissed it as nonsense, leaving me out of the group.
I have the same problem… my hostility to phone messaging apps and Facebook has deprived me of a lot of female contact, though it does have major advantages in other fields.




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