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Hey guys, I heard of a "facebook"? game called blue whale and apparently is a suicide challenge, I asked one of my coworkers and he said the game never existed, it's just a meme or something.

Of course I can't tell if the challenge is a meme or not because I'm not russian, can you tell me what the f*ck is the blue whale about and if the challenge is real or not? Thanks.


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I thought it was just a local meme for vapid teenagers, but turns out it's global.

I have no clue if it's real or not - I've never seen it and only heard people discussing it long after it became well known.


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>It is called The Blue Whale Game and is played via many social media platforms. Players are given a master who controls them for 50 days and each day they are given a task to complete. On the 50th day the masters behind the game instruct the young people to commit suicide and sadly across the world some have done this.


How does one become the master of this 'Game'?


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>I thought it was just a local meme for vapid teenagers, but turns out it's global
Yeah, I thought it was a serious issue until I found a blue whale page on knowyourmeme.


I understood that!


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Yes, it was on the news here. Started from Vkontakte and moved onto Facebook eventually.

The challenge is to do deadly shit until you actually die.

I might try it one of these days.


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>I might try it one of these days.




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Are you Shinji-kun?


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Might as well be.

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