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Man, Japan has the shittiest taste in anime, period.

A terrible show like Touken Ranbu, a generic mobile phone game secured its second season by selling over 14,000 BDs this winter while other good shows like Miss Kobayashi's Maid Dragon, Masamune-kun's Revenge and Interviews With Monster Girls lost all their hopes.

It looks like the formula for the greatest japanese show is a generic retard MC doing edgy things while tons of busty girls wet their panties thinking about him but he doesn't care or he doesn't have the balls so the whole show is just angst bullshit.

At least they didn't support that atrocious Akiba's Trip: The Animation adaptation, but still…


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>like Miss Kobayashi's Maid Dragon, Masamune-kun's Revenge and Interviews With Monster Girls lost all their hopes.
>Miss Kobayashi's Maid Dragon

What happened to it? Won't it have any more anime production? I don't consume anime frequently and didn't bother to watch it, but I noticed the hype.


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Man, I'm not lying, nips only care about brainless harem action with moe characters.

The first and second BD volumes sold less than 5000 both, less than the previous shitty adaptation by Kyoani called Phantom World, even Hibike S2 volume 1 sold 10,000+ copies and now we are getting a summary movie…


Why are you surprised when established franchises sell more than a relatively unknown show?

Anime in Japan is regular television broadcast. Apart from the minority of hardcore otakus who may or may not notice the shows you like in particular, regular people (i.e. the lowest common denominator) watch anime also. Those people are the ones who are gonna respond to advertising and brand popularity. So of course something out of KyoAni is gonna make a lot more sales than Maid Dragon. It's just how market economies work. Nothing can be done about it apart from going full communist but that destroys originality pretty quickly.

Personally I loved Maid Dragon and would like to see more, but we don't always get the things we want in life.


The most popular shows in Japan last season were Kemono Friends and Gintama, I would say they have good taste in general, of course there will be people with bad tastes there too, just as there are here.


>Interviews With Monster Girls
what the fuck this sounds uber autimal


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Air was the best seller of 2005, it helped Kyoani to spawn more moeblobs through this date and it wasn't an established franchise.

>The most popular shows in Japan last season were Kemono Friends
According to who? Aussies and German people?


It's just the same old joke recycled over and over… Imagine Gintama as South Park or Family Guy.

Rude, Demi-chan is a great show. Buddy, I think you've got the wrong door, the leather club's two blocks down.


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According to post activity on Japanese twitter.


>Granblue Fantasy


I'm okay with this.

There is a difference between popularity and sales, producers need money to make more seasons, not upvotes on reddit.


Eh. I'm not saying it can't be good, but the whole premise sounds like something out of my autistic diary when I was a wee lad and drew alien animals and wrote remarks on their anatomy. Especially the focus on raw data as opposed to character development clearly points at the fact that this series is made by asparagus, for consumption by asparagus.
Again, this doesn't mean it cannot be good; however, it is pretty clear that a show built on such a premise will never bring good viewership from a majority neurotypical population.


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Oh, that's just the english title, the real title is Demi-chan wa Kataritai and it means Demi Wants to Talk.

But you know, Demi is a buzzword used by weird pansexual queergender homos so they decided to not use the word demi. I know Demi means half but there are so many degenerates in this world so they took cautions just in case, reminds me of the word gay, it used to mean happy but now means homo.


Whose fang is that?


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Well, it's the same thing with American movies repeating the same tropes over and over again and Western games following a small number of models ad nauseaum with what little innovation that happens immediately getting copied; the sole difference, perhaps, is that Western media tries to ideologically indoctrinate its viewers into degeneracy, though it must do so carefully because it hurts sales.

There's pretty much no solution besides getting wealthy and funding creative artists; central funding of media and art I could have said "culture production", but that term now has negative connotations due to its association with mediocre artist wannabes merely spawns corruption and submission, as is the case in my country, while central control has even worse results.


it reminds me a bit of Kirino

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