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Somebody keyed my car, I want to believe that I was just a random victim because I don't go outside besides of work, I feel so powerless right now…


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It's the fucking children! Don't worry, driver.


Thanks, man. You're a real human bean and a real hero.


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that sucks dude


Man, that was so rad… I need a scorpion jacket and a pair of fingerless gloves…


I like to think that his commute home is the only time in his day that he can really relax; his wife doesn't nag him like when he's at home, and he isn't busting his ass like when he's at work. It's his time to be whomever his mind wants, and he chooses to be the driver. For a few minutes every day, he can is the childhood hero he used to dream of.



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I can't relate to this because I'm not married but somehow I can understand that he needs to take it easy sometimes…

I wish I were Ryan Gosling.


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I find this human bean even more moving. It takes a real conviction to willingly go to your own death for your cause, no matter how despicable. In a way, I wish I had something to die for like he did. A real hero.

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