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I am an emissary sent from freech.net/intb to demand that you add us to your /our friends/ list as well as remove any obscene rules such as no spamming (aka I delete anything I personally dislike under the blanket term "spam"). Our demands are simple and our grass is green, if you do not wish to be trampled I suggest you quietly obey them. It's for your own good.

t. im jew


im jew


I'll take this request a step further: create a new board named /int/ (where represents any random letter) to become the herd's new groundskeeper. People have been sick of freech's bullshit for a while and nobody has created an alternative board for us yet.

This is only a good idea if you are willing to host all non-illegal content with no posting restrictions such as captchas or flood timers higher than 5 seconds (at least on /int*/).


It didn't show some of my * symbols for some reason


Fuck I meant to reply to this: >>352


Actually please just ignore all of these posts.


>to demand that you add us to your /our friends/ list
But it's a 404 page for a reason


youre not jew

t. knower


ignore OP he's a faggot

just maintain a decent chan, maybe create /intl/ for us to have another bunker



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