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A Rumanian guy invited me to his house to lunch and we got drunk with a cherry godamn strong alcoholic drink called Țuică, or at least that says google. Every time I go to his house again he serves it, wow so in Eastern Europe people really drink that much? I thought it was a meme. Why alcohol means so much for you?


It's a cultural thing. We don't mind strong alcochol since we're used to it.


What, drinking some strong alcohol when you invite people over isn't considered normal?


no, 3% beer is


Haha how charmingly non-Slav


>3% beer


Why so bidlo?


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There's not much else to do.


Alcohol drowns our painful past.


we are so reserved that only alcohol can make us sociable


A spanish complaining about other people drinking? as if you spanish folks dont drink a lot.
You literally have gatherings where thousands upon thousands of people go to random locations and proceed to bing drinking.


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I don't drink.
And I'am russian.
I'am normal?


People with long working hours and nothing else to do tend to drink a lot.

Pretty much this.

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