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Hi. Tell me more about depreschan, I'm really interested. Also greetings from Slovakia


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Dalsi alokalink

t. jasmina


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depreschan is a community for awesome people. Even if they don't appreciate that fact often enough, unfortunately … but there is hope. ":D


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But what is depreschan at deeper level?


Lol… Kde všade je táto pasca?


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Depreschan in the beginning is the original wholeness that does not know the poison of consciousness, the poison of discrimination and the knowledge of good and evil. In Depreschan there is no return. And this Depreschan does not know the freedom that we so cherish as our supreme dignity. Depreschan at the end suggests that a person has already gone through the aggravation and division of consciousness, through freedom, through discrimination and the knowledge of good and evil. This Depreschan means a new wholeness and completeness after bifurcation and fragmentation.


Thanks for explaining


Zavri si picu zebracik)))))


>odpovedať po dvoch mesiacoch


dobre ma vykrcilo


Jasmína je kokot


Este sem chodis, labilek?


Samozrejme pičkofuk


Is this board dead yet?


We are all dead yet


I'm so fucking horny that I'm going to sneak onto a farm and fuck a cow.


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Do it.
Do it now.


you think he made it?

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