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Anime grills thread.
2D forver.
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I hate /a/tards.


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"The body was too short or empty."


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✡✡✡Orthodox Judaism Thread✡✡✡
Here we discuss about the Torah, mock anti-Semites fools, rub our hands, drink tap water, wait for the Messiah. Ask a question and the Rabbies of /b/ level will answer you.
ATTENTION! Adherents of near-Judaic sects (reformists/conservatives/christian missionaries and others) go to other threads.

✡Judaism for non-Jews ppl: http://monoteism.ru/ (russian language), http://www.en.noahideworldcenter.org/ (English language).
✡Torah, Nevi'im and Ketuvim: https://toldot.ru/limud/library/humash/bereshit/bereshit/ (russian language), https://www.chabad.org/library/bible_cdo/aid/8165 (English language).
✡Hebrew calendar https://ru.chabad.org/calendar/view/month.htm (Russian language), https://www.chabad.org/calendar/view/month.htm (English language).
✡Generally about Judaism: https://toldot.ru , https://www.chabad.org/ .

Hear, O Israel: the L-rd is our G-d, the L-rd is One!
Blessed be the name of His glorious kingdom for ever and ever


I'm still here. I am ready to answer your questions.


How to start be a jew?


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Sorry for the wait. There was a Sabbath.
First of all, I assure that any person can enter the synagogue: Jewish and non-Jewish people. In a large synagogue, they will not even pay attention to you; excursions with curious non-Jews are not uncommon. But you should especially dress: closed shoes, pants, any headgear.
Secondly, maybe you are already a Jew and you just need to start keeping the commandments. According to Halacha, a Jew is one born of a Jewish mother. That's all. Even if your father/grandfather of father is a Jew, you will not be a Jew. But if you are ready to take on the heaviest burden of fulfilling the 613 commandments and are ready to accept the danger of being a Jew, then such people are provided with giyur.
If you're a Halachic Jew, then come to the nearest synagogue. You will be met very hospitably and will surely tell you the basics of Judaism and how to begin to keep its commandments. If you are a non-Jew, then you have two choices: apply to the nearest synagogue with a request for Giyur and begin to observe all the Jewish commandments, or you join the community of the Sons of Noah. There you will learn the Torah, keep the commandments that Hashem gave to non-Jewish people and will talk with the same non-jewish people as you. In any case, the rabbi to whom you ask for giyur will most likely send you to the Sons of Noah community first.
Conversioning to Judaism - is…
Religion: Start observing all Jewish commandments at 100% without any alleviations from yourself.
People: Become mentally and emotionally part of the Jewish people. To be worthy of giyur, you have to get a serious education and the main thing is to change your life. Habits, budget and schedule for the values of the Jewish people. You may even have to change your social circle, place of residence and job.
How long does giyur take? Personally, I rarely saw that someone who put average efforts for a giyur pass it in less than 5-7 years. If you make great efforts and take a very responsible approach to learning, then you can keep within 2-3 years.
I recommend reading the material below if you want to start preparing for the preparation for the giyur (Russian language):
Book "Jewish world" by JosephPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


why do kikes hate europe??

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anime was a mistake


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Go on…


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no it wasn't

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together or not together, these are the last traces of those dream like days



Trevor site needed improvement.
At least a front page that had a brief description of what the site was.

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I don't speak Russian, but/jp/ use to be a nice place. Play nicely Jewish Pride.


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Relax, just sit here, feel at home.>>118


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Thank you anon.
Us programs strive to make it home again.
For now I am here in the road with you.

Have a feel song.

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i was here


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Поклоняйтесь мне!

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Педотред! Лучше сохры с ~лолями~ прямо здесь!


Ну товарищ майор…

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Я на волке. Ты на белом волке, и я на белом волке. А потом ритуал… в нашу честь. Ритуал в нашу честь. Сначала на ритуал, а потом в храм хакурей пойдём. Бал будет. Саке. Ритуал. В мою честь ритуал. Я Комиджи и ты — на белом волке. Ты меня видишь? Посмотри, какое у меня платье! Посмотри, какие у меня глаза! Я её ещё никому не показывала. Только тебе покажу. Посмотри! Это моя ритуальная. Специально сшила! Посмотри, не бойся! Глаза? Я их поменяю! Вот они, глаза. Вот! Настоящие! Видишь? Комиджи. Я Комиджи. Я их на ритуал надену. Это мое платье. Самое чистое. Что ты пласешь? Вот пойдём в храм хакурей, саке выпьем — и плакать не будешь. Я с катаной, на белом волке, командую ритуалом! Я Комиджи! Я командую ритуалом! Я с глазами! На белом волке! Я Комиджи! Я командую ритуалом!


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