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With these digits I demand that one of you takes care of a school

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>wade davis blows another save
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mystery meat thread


Is this what you do with yourself now Megamilk?

Get your shit together, man. You need mewch as much as we do!

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it doesn't even exist anymore


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Girl you thought he was a man. But he was a muffin!


its back


Still no one cares about it.



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who here /replyingwithoutlookingatimages/?


just you
i looked at all of them. its important to see the madness around you


i didnt until i went on my laptop and saw the thumbnail. rip


trannies are the final form of the western society's degeneracy.


File: 1550766439869.jpg (121.46 KB, 636x900, photo_2019-02-20_12-19-02.jpg)

This is not the final. This is only the beginning, the first step.

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What is the actual definition of a normie in 2019?


Take my suggestion.
Normie - the guy who looks casual, have a job, girlfriend, in the evening play video games.


>looks casual
Do you mean a typical normalfag is shit at vidya games?

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Reminder feet are best.


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So where will /sp/ move next

8chan - https://8ch.net/sp
FinalChan - https://finalchan.net/sp
mewch - https://mewch.net/
Meguca - https://meguca.org/
NextChan - https://nextchan.org/sp
N64Chan - https://n64chan.me/
KeyChan - http://keychan.cf

copied from endchan's site.
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be enough of a man to stand up for your beliefs. be enough of a man to also get that not everyones gonna just agree with you.


good fag you should regret it
saying we should go back to 8chan, and then trying to justify it because of anime is retarded and you should feel retarded


Necrobump, I'm a person behind Finalchan. What's up faggot


you're so fucking late m8



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Where will /sp/ go
Finalchan https://finalchan.net/sp
Stable, vichan
Mewch https://mewch.net/sp
Stable, lynxchan, has oekaki, realtime
Meguca http://meguca.org
Stable, meguca, no oekaki support, realtime
n64chan http://n64chan.me
Goon site, meguca
lynxhub http://lynxhub.com/sp
Unstable, lynxchan, no oekaki support
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I hat sportsman


Hey, I've been to finalchan. Super slow, comfy, and probably easy to takeover.


depreschan - our home




ya theres occasionally some site slowdown sstuff ive notice
probly related to the fact that im p. sure >we are operating on something running out of duders closet again

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what are you playing /sp/?


PUBG Mobile, WOT BLITZ, Eden, Godus, Tap Titans 2, Red Comrades



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Its really real
Brings a tear to my eye
We did it budys


the dud din dud it


rest in piss


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