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So where will /sp/ move next

8chan - https://8ch.net/sp
FinalChan - https://finalchan.net/sp
mewch - https://mewch.net/
Meguca - https://meguca.org/
NextChan - https://nextchan.org/sp
N64Chan - https://n64chan.me/
KeyChan - http://keychan.cf

copied from endchan's site.


a lot of these arent really viable options for one reason or another. but a few of them dont seem too bad.


>copied from endchans site
wut? why not just say endchan?


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its all over fuck life


fuck the world.


actual sportschan domain or bust


is there anything changed about 8chan that makes it worth returning to?


The finalchan board is pretty small, so the focus tends to only be on baseball and Impact wrestling.


Not really, but it's been fast and hasn't had any major downtime in ages. It might be asking too much for some of us to bury the hatchet with Jim, though. Still a better alternative than milkdudchan or some animenigger website. The last two on the list don't even have /sp/ boards. Depreschan isn't bad as long as they leave us to our own devices, but I'd prefer that we use this as a bunker. I feel like we're crushing this poor site underfoot. Nextchan is worth a try if we're really desperate for an Endchan alternative, but since the site is basically dead as is, there's no guarantee of uptime when we're at full strength.


>a chan where jim will reassign the BO on a whim is better than some weeb chan
>because theres anime on the site
>being this fucking retarded
kys tbh
>we're crushing this poor site underfoot
depresbro would love the traffic you're a faggot


8chans not a workable solution the board owners a hotpocketer and
any going back to 8chan died a long time ago. id foot the cost of a website myself and let one of you whose more technically sound run it before id go to 8chan.


>kys tbh
fuck off weeb


the current owner of 8/sp/ is one of codemonkeys dipshits


pretty much makes it unusable honestly. might even be that leoniadis guy if he started to kiss ass in the irc long enough. i have no proof, thats just a theory based on a small look at the typing style and modus oprendi.


just create a new board or submit to the rule(s) of 39mil and use /asp/


i lost my login to /asp/ a month or so ago. i nuked it prior anyways.
>make a new board
why use 8chan when there are other options to begin with? megacuca is completely stable, here is stable, nextchan i dont trust cause its a live demo, finalchans stable. why 8chan?


>why 8chan
so I can namefag there and market myself to it's sizable userbase as an alt-right sports e-celelbrity and then get paid to tweet by various sponsors


nigger have you not looked? /pol/ on 8chan is dying it dips below 2000 active users daily often now and /v/ dosent even allow namefags. so what boards are you gonna become an alt right e celeb for?


I think going back to 8ch is the best idea, because if we go to another no name chan, we will have to do it again in another year…..plus you can do a lot more damage in the system than outside of it


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for a site that had 8chans popularity at one point this is horrible honestly


we won't get back /sp/ from the current newfag BO so we'd have to be on /sportz/ or some shit


Who are the people behind finalchan? I hate Jim, my point is that there is no need to use the /sp/ board there just in case. But you are right, as long as there are obscure alternatives left, I'd rather use them.


and we aren't going to get any more users on /sp/ going anywhere but 8ch


getting a flood of modern day random 8chaners will literally kill this boards culture retard.


i guess i need to build a new business plan ;_;


goatbro will just have to use his master thief skills again and wrangle that board away


praise kek xd


They have a rule now that you can't own a board specifically to redirect to another site now, so fat chance unless you're looking to stay.


you don't think 39mil will drive them away?


it would be easy to get the board back if we really wanted it


who seriously wants to post on /sportz/ or some shit? again ill pay for a site if it comes to that i dont give a fuck about getting arrested i allready have a criminal record. but there are still other places to go.




be the hero sportschan deserves


>we're still talking about jimchan
budys pls

>i allready have a criminal record
tell more pls


somehow endchan is back


This is why I regret bringing it up in the first place. It just gets people riled up whenever you bring it up.


be enough of a man to stand up for your beliefs. be enough of a man to also get that not everyones gonna just agree with you.


good fag you should regret it
saying we should go back to 8chan, and then trying to justify it because of anime is retarded and you should feel retarded


Necrobump, I'm a person behind Finalchan. What's up faggot


you're so fucking late m8



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