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Where will /sp/ go
Finalchan https://finalchan.net/sp
Stable, vichan
Mewch https://mewch.net/sp
Stable, lynxchan, has oekaki, realtime
Meguca http://meguca.org
Stable, meguca, no oekaki support, realtime
n64chan http://n64chan.me
Goon site, meguca
lynxhub http://lynxhub.com/sp
Unstable, lynxchan, no oekaki support
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I think % is used for spoilers






use two of them


also pretty sure spoiler and red text is broken for 76chan css
another test


don't tell him what to do


Theres a sekrit test board you can try this on


% /%%



y-yeah, that one.


testing is for fags


Are you a grill?


I am a fag though.


you have to die


its okay buddy your here to please us all sexually. youve got a group of alpha males to take care of now.


Don't worry, life expectancy of a fag is very low already.


leave this board


File: 1527052715151.gif (1.76 MB, 325x245, get-dunked-bitch.gif) Google iqdb

this is a rainbow fwendly board bigot




fuck off buckeye


File: 1527053191448.jpg (63.77 KB, 732x632, tomato salad.jpg) Exif Google iqdb


what that thing smell like?


like a firecrotch normally smells I imagine


i've never had firecrotch ;_;


i need to kaki so fucking bad


you dont have any drawing program on your computer at all bud?


just not the same fwend


File: 1527054771547.png (8.13 KB, 300x300, buff-roo.png) Google iqdb

see…just not the saem




fuck yes budy


File: 1527054931235.jpg (18.11 KB, 800x600, testing.jpg) Exif Google iqdb

check this out. i figured out which program and which paintbrush can get close to kaki, and by lowering the quality its basically there


dats literally how i feel rn tho v;_;v


HOLY FUCK trevor noah is BASED


gud kaki budy


you feel like a brolic roo?


sly Jaymes lynching by gov grietens ==WHEN?==


that's not shaitan? ;_;


why do >we always elect nigrs or wymmmens mayors ;_;?


guys if it weren't for kikes and liberals slaveloving whites would we all be able shit on each other peacefully while acknowledging Right of Conquest?




do what now?


>not automatically converting to dudcode syntax
punishable by death tbh


I actually voted for funkhouser back in 2011. He was a gud dud with a dumb as fuck wife




go on…


File: 1527108290817.jpg (70.77 KB, 470x647, cbbdb947dcb7bce06cf2f09fb0….jpg) Exif Google iqdb

I hat sportsman


Hey, I've been to finalchan. Super slow, comfy, and probably easy to takeover.


depreschan - our home




ya theres occasionally some site slowdown sstuff ive notice
probly related to the fact that im p. sure >we are operating on something running out of duders closet again

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