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>odilidud in charge of uptime


>400 Bad Request The SSL certificate error


this is NOT comfy


>posts Wiew's hsv butt
>endchan crashes


leave and don't ever come back


not true


aaaand it's back


it's back




endchan barely functioning


let me post please ;_;


haha so uhh
this has nothing to do with all those posts i made and deleted right guys??


because i was going to mention it but /meme/ was 404ing constantly while i was doing that and the site in general was fucked up but i thought it was just on my end


/meme/ bot probably ripped the database apart


so on a scale of 1-10 how fucked is the site?


I give it a good 9 out of 11


i know its bad, but im actually kinda laughing right now
i wonder if odil is actually going to bother fixing this


File: 1528310336608.jpeg (232.26 KB, 1910x1000, serveimage (11).jpeg) Google iqdb

Yinzers > philties


on the bright side /meme/ is still the top board


oh thank god


oh damn that /news/ autist is losing his fucking shit right now lol. i wonder if i can push him over the edge


Isn't adolph the owner of every board but /sp/?


>i get transferred ownership of /a/
>the site implodes
the jews did this


goddamn it i cant post the el goblino manifesto
is mp4 not supported here ?


Melania is looking Chinkier than ever. I wonder what sort of devilish prank she is planning.


i believe thats the case


anyone interested in causing jihad on the next GDQ speedrunning autism "event" ?


I'd really prefer if you'd be quiet.


the whole event has turned into a complete cringe autism fest complete with social justice safe spaces and about 50 transgendered faggots
This is the perfect opportunity for sportschan to really get out there and bring swift jihad
I feel it would be very easy to meme them to death


theres literally nothing wrong with being trans


holy shit that autist twink wouldn't shut the fuck up
we all know someone like that making fucking 'quirky' retarded comments and 'jokes'
i feel for that speed runner who was just making the most deadpan responses to that fag and bearing it


there is way worse than that


and that's just the tip of the iceberg for that guy
getting banned from the speedrun community for cheating, getting interrupted on stream by his mom multiple times, jo crystals, you name it


jo… crystals??


File: 1528318022136.jpg (91.92 KB, 405x540, brewed.jpg) Exif Google iqdb

Windians win


File: 1528318353135.png (28.92 KB, 1318x184, Screenshot_2018-06-06_13-5….png) Google iqdb

you weren't kidding
which branch are the rest of the four from? i'm cia



>deliberately incovenience users of /news/, /pol/, and likely among a ffew other boards.
he's talking about my post here btw
lol. this guy is gold


fucking boomers are so easy
post as trump next time


entire site is 502 for me
can the guy who understands this stuff tell me how it seems like it was progressively getting worse even 12 hours after spam stopped?


So I have been using a BowFlex MaxTrainer which is essentially a stair stepper and elliptical combined for cardio training.
I have gotten much more serious about my cardio training in the past 3 months along with better diet less junk food more fruit and vegetables. I have definitely cut fat and my BMI. So I'm essentially lean muscle and I naturally get no chest hair so it makes me look like a twink not to mention I look young for my age, I still get ID'd if I go out.

So I started thinking how much could a CamBoy make on one of these streaming sites ? Like could I do this all semi anonymously to swindle rich old faggots out of their shekels. What would I have to do exactly ? I mean im not sure I could even do softcore gay stuff, any one have experience with these sites know what it would entail butt stuff, masturbation, sensual massages, etc.
Right now my job is part time, so it seems like a good way to rack in cash.


File: 1528319991848.jpg (79.29 KB, 1070x380, newsposter.JPG) Exif Google iqdb

this guy can't be for real can he?



pinoys are the most powerful race in the world


I've never looked at lynxchan code but from what I understand it's written in nodejs and uses mongodb as the database. So I'm assuming the endchan setup is:
1) nginx front-end servers which route the requests to:
2) the nodejs lynxchan application instances which issues reads/writes/deletes to the
3) mongodb database

This is a common configuration for sites that handles 1000x the traffic of endchan and much higher requests per min and many times more mongodb actions per second. And they work fine and are business-critical apps that have nearly 24/7 uptime.

So I don't really know if endchan's server configurations are bad, the actual servers themselves are cheapo deals without enough cpu and/or io provisioned, or if the lynxchan codebase is just buggy due to coding issues.


Post some pics of yourself.


one of >us mentioned something a while ago about how spammed post deletions are way worse than just spammed posts. based off the results im inclined to agree with him. would be cool if he could explain why. i only really made about 800 deleted posts, and none of it was intended spamming, just testing stuff.


That was me commenting specifically at vichan after looking at its code. Its possible lynxchan could suffer from something similar but I never looked deep into it. At the very least a 800 deleted posts would use the same processing power as 1600 posts.


my pph wasn't very high, maybe 300 with the occasional spike to ~600. its so hard to find a reliable pool of proxies, its the biggest roadblock to achieving a high pph. even when you filter lists they have a really high decay rate, so by the time you finish your list is like half the size it was when you started.
some of my posts weren't getting deleted, which means either i wasn't receiving the cURL response or the site wasn't getting my POST request. either way the site was having problems throughout the run. but it must be a code thing for problems to continue (and worsen) 12 hours after cessation of attack- or at least it seems like it must be to me.


File: 1528329078698.jpg (87.9 KB, 1000x563, SO MUCH FOR THE TOLERANT L….jpg) Exif Google iqdb

>a faggot



File: 1528330553970.png (30.15 KB, 1462x210, it gets worse.png) Google iqdb


yeah, the server should be fine seeing how they pay a pretty penny for it, not necessarily but it would lead one to believe it's pretty decent.

Lynxchan in general seems stable so it's either, the forked stuff endchan uses or the fact that it's an older version.


what agency are we?
CIA or Mossad?


try crashing mewch to see if its lynxchan or not


32ch took a fucking beating on multiple occasions


well its posting fine so far on mewch
seems to be deleting alright too


idgaf about 32ch
milkcuck needs to die


i never deleted stuff on 32ch but (we?) crashed it a couple times under pure PPH alone


>i accidently had two CHAN variables
>the second overwrote my first one of mewch.net
>i just nuked endchan /b/ for about a hundred posts


Obviously it's the Legion of Doom


well thanks for letting me know


dont do b
do a small board so they wont notice
im gonna start my bots too


ok lets try this again
posting going alright on mewch so far
deleting seems ok too


98032 is the starting post. i'll aim for 800 posts
something is wrong tho its sending like 100x deletetion post requests per post and im not sure why, gonna have to look at the code


When I scraped around mewch a few days ago seems like people are dissatisfied, again, and Megamilk's been "missing"


brah its not deleting
mine isnt either


ya nothing deleted and none of my images went through, but the posts display a broken image
does deletion require a captcha there?
that would break it


whats the bypass check
there is a captcha


they do a bypass when they get hit with spam I think


i dunno why the early ones before that kicked in didn't delete tho
i was just messing around and i think they have some weird thing with cookies and post deletions


got mine working
its deleting fine



Endchan is currently running on shit servers because we didn't get enough donation money to keep paying for the good one that we had. We have a better server ready but both OdiliTime and I have been too busy with real life to do the migration without fucking up horribly like we did the last time. Once we migrate (and possibly copy the board and account information to an uncorrupted DB if people are okay with that) it should get better.


>not bullying the /news/ poster to suicide using the official admin trip
cmon now


what server provider do you use if you don't mind me asking? Sorry you are having to deal with issues btw. We heckle you out of love, btw


im toothpaste now


Gud for you


File: 1528495408046.jpg (121.08 KB, 500x335, file.jpg) Exif Google iqdb

your psy-ops black hat shenanigans are not going to work on me you incel




ok a hinata romance sub-plot is now possible, they better actually develop it at least a little now


jesus fuck shut the fuck up about whatever you are talking about. this shit is not acceptable


dude… stop.
the MAL forum is still down


leafs aren't allowed to talk to Americans like that- regardless of post quality. Cease and Desist immediately


fuck you nigger why dont you and your bf watch what i assume is anime.




File: 1528503695516.png (866.22 KB, 1024x750, CAPTURE.PNG) Google iqdb


im not even throwing it on but i could really throw this off ive got a vpn and i think a few of you do as well lol


>the leaf is the 4chan shrek poster
why am i not surprised


>knowing enough about anime to recognize it
you need to go.


i first saw that on youtube honestly what do i win?


pretty much see it everywhere tbh


>USA flag

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