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8PM GOATcity time on ABC

>Lebron's final game as a Cav, and what that means for Donald Trump.
>Did Kevin Durant ruin the NBA, and how can we blame it on white people?


first for friendship is magic.


i hope lebron has a heart attack on court and dies


>>Lebron's final game as a Cav, and what that means for Donald Trump.
literally zero clue what that means for trump. sounds like clickbait but it probably got writteen somewhere tbh.


*fwendship is sexy


Only someone high on meth could make such a connection.


>when depreschan unironically functions better than endchan
>when this site is probably run out of depresanons closet


i'm trying to bring you real, hardhitting news and that's thanks I get?

>10 Reasons Why Smush Parker Was Actually the Best Player on the Kobe-era Lakers


There are some high quality images out there of the capitals boob flasher. I am going to find them.


holy shit that makes me so mad so fucking wrong wrong wrong stupid


File: 1528506952745.webm (1.39 MB, 288x360, gudtiem.webm) Google iqdb

i lik wedrs


File: 1528507178770.jpg (113.68 KB, 1080x1080, bus to the airport.jpg) Exif Google iqdb

>winning the cup in vegas
caps hit the jackpot holy shit for celebration party after the game.




wew curry
it's ogre


that name again is mr meme


based depreschan bunker honestly i love this little site.


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File: 1528507445939-1.jpg (119.2 KB, 1080x1080, caaaarpp_17965114724883473….jpg) Exif Google iqdb


why are all the old threads anime
then it looks like /int*/ came before /sp/


File: 1528507680013.jpg (175.97 KB, 860x1024, DfK1DHjU0AA_eVw.jpg) Exif Google iqdb

pretty good bobs honestly i wish she never squished them against the glass


>draymond hitting threes


there is no /int*/ anymore tbh. the handful of people here are a few randoms basically. i cant really bitch about them shitposting whatever they want on a 90 percent ded bunker board honestly.


>that three by curry thanks to lelbrons givaway


>Database copy just finished, setting up the new server now.
>inb4 somethin gets dilly'd


id rather stay here at this point or move on. endchans toobroken4m3 at this point. i know im probably one of the only ones feeling that but im sick of using a broken site daily at this point.


no im that annoyed too- idk if its like this for everyone else but whenever i want to get to the board i have to go through at least half the links because each one has at least one thing broken at different times. its a fucking pain the in the ass


nah fuck this place there is a some posting errors that pop up


yeh fair enough on not here but i feel like endchan has been fucked up too long and odilis never gonna get his shit together. meagcuca a few other sites there are stable options.

im just sick of having a website owner who cant get his shit together


but that said niggas see you at endchan when its back tonight. i will kill odiliwheels tho soon


i want to leave endchan too but this place isnt any better


i agree with you dude im just complaining. this place makes me nostaliga for 76chans early days but it has issues.


of fucking what?


of complaining when he gets called for an offensive foul when he shoves people out da way


hes not even the best at flopping hardens better at it. he just bitches more loudly and more often.

i fucking hate this nigger so much. hes the most overhyped player ive ever seen in my entire life.




not flopping but the fact he gets away with stiffarms and elbows when driving to the basket so damn much. LeRunningBack


endchan is back



aaand it's already pissing me off with connection error trying to post and the fucking autorefresh broken


what errors? ive had zero the past half dozen times we've been ehre


>this place isn't much better
well its never down for one…
its also faster, theres little to no flood counter, i dont have a "frontend crash" message every other time i visit it, theres no schizoposters, depresbro actively engages with his users and seems to do actual housecleaning with his code, and on and on and on


it is quicker, but no drawing thingy so 39mil won't be able to sate his autism


i think kaki is just a toggle on vichan pretty sure depresbro would turn it on


Can he also enable smashable like buttons and upvote buttons??? This is what I really need


theres too many caching issues here
a lot of time new posts dont show up

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