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it's time to fucking jihad canada


we should build a wall on our northern border as well
in fast i am thinking two walls and a bio dome with a big bridge connecting canada to mexico so trudeua and personally blow every mexican


How long before Justin Castro has to apologize because the police choked out a nonwhite for selling untaxed sneakers?


If we kill canada do they win?


pls tell me you are rally romania
post pics of ur qt sisters and used dacia car


is that really country???


all of yurop is not real


Happy Canada DAY


>scuffing yo kicks
smh niggas



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File: 1530498110565-1.webm (521.82 KB, 639x1136, jmedvedevaj1.webm) Google iqdb

her first canada day


I love the way she speaks engrish


i want her to talk dirty to me with her acent
>this gock show at me please


if i were her trainer guy i'd have a hard time remaining gay


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