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so is endchan kill ?
is this our new home ?
this site seems kind of broken


thats funny because you seem like bitch


fite me irl you fucking homo


No, the site isn't kill, the hosting provider is just taking a really long time to reply to emails. Currently waiting on Miao of Sibyl LTD to reboot the server, so it's currently his fault that endchan is down right now.


that is NOT a real country


Going 2 bed now, hopefully Miao will check his email by morning so I can fix this shit before going to work


shaddap bb


sure they are, they are the brazil of europe


>going to work
>leaving your dwelling for any reason


but yurop is a social construct


>the complete lack of flood timer
feels good


7:30 pm EST tomorrow or endchan is dead


its up but 500'd


i just 500'd all over your chin lol


>500ml of cummies
could you imagine


endchan is back

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