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ok well ive spent about 800 dollars in the past couple days on machine components. spent the past couple days fucking around in solidworks since ive never touched it and i should have a rough but adequate model and simulation done in the next 2 weeks or so once some of my components get in. solidworks dumbs basic stuff down too much for the user, i really dont like it.


so are you building a CNC machine? What are you planning on making with it?


single use stamping blanks (or just low volume use) and firearm components


i disagree


>this thread


simpleton detected


cool mang keep me (us) updated. what's your first project going to be?


thats a bit of a ways off. a lot of the components im buying are going to be hot rolled, so they're projects all in themselves getting them flat. will have to make a scraper, learn and practice scraping, using my surface plate and prussian blue etc. dont even get me started on making the epoxy granite base.
but finishing my 80% lower will be my first project. actually the entire reason i started this


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Would you be interested in doing a little freelance drywall work for me?

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